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Study on SN’s in Schools Biased?

Stefanie Olsen – “Marlboro Man in the school library?”

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Social Strangers

Nina Simon – “I’ve been thinking recently about the “why” behind encouraging social interactions among strangers in museums.”

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There are Friends and There are Non-Meta Friends

Joel Stein – “Until we can build some kind of social network where we can present our true, flawed selves–perhaps some genius can invent something that takes place in a house over dinner with wine–I say we strip down our online communities to just the important parts.” (via)

See also, Ballad in Plain E – “I don’t want to turn into someone who refuses to get with the times–for instance, someone who doesn’t “do” e-mail–but I think this one’s not life or death. I am fortunate to have many good friends and colleagues I enjoy being around, and who for the most part, don’t exclude me because I’m not on facebook. I suspect that this will turn out like Friendster and MySpace (both of which I was a member of). I think the popularity of and problems with social networks sites reflect a cultural shift – one that will be fascinating to watch unfold–regardless of whether I’m on facebook!”

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AntiSocial Networking

Annoyed Librarian – “If there were an antisocial networking site, I might join, but what would be the point.”

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Keeping Up With Social Networking Tools

Connie Crosby has a new piece up on LLRX.

She quotes me as dubbing “Time Suck 2.0”. I checked and it seems I’m the only one to have blogged that phrase. Cool. Consider it trademarked (kidding!)

BTW, Ask.com is broken too. Lots of spam. Ick.

I’m totally unTwittered lately, and that will probably continue for a while (definitely until after I get back from vacation). Just too much going on with work.

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Get off MySpace

Should schools have rules that disallow teachers the use social sites?

School officials in Scituate are proposing to direct teachers and staff about appropriate use of social-networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, raising questions about whether school systems should interfere with employees’ personal activities.

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Social Networking Technologies: A “Poke” for Campus Services

The latest issue of Educause has a doosie of an article that peobably needs more than a quick perusal (which is what I gave it):

"[H]ow can campus professionals, especially those in student and academic services, learn to use these technologies to think differently about communicating with students and about facilitating learning? What aspects of Facebook, YouTube, wikis, LiveJournal, Flickr, and MySpace.com might translate into new ways for creating better and more effective student and academic services? Should campus professionals capitalize on these technologies to gain the attention of students? From class lists and class schedules to placement services, judicial affairs, and e-learning, campus activities and services offer a host of possible areas in which the features of social networking technologies could play a key role."
Also available in handy PDF format

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