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In uncertain times, networking can protect your career

Salt Lake Tribune – “Most career experts advise that one of the best steps you can take to ensure your career stays on track – whether you are laid off or not – is to network. In the end, they say, it’s often who you know that helps get you a job.”

That’s exactly how I landed my current job after being laid off from the start-up.  It’s totally about who you know.

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Social networks fight to stay fresh:

The Modesto Bee – “[I]n an arena that grows more competitive each day, the personality of the individual sites becomes increasingly important in attracting and keeping people. It’s no longer enough to simply offer a way to share thoughts, music and photos. The novelty is wearing off.”

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New Social Network ncludr Makes Everyone Your Friend

Adrants – “In what is clearly a joke or some sort of clandestine promotion for the next greatest social network or some other entity, ncludr.com (get it? includer?) has launched with snarky fanfare including claims it’s “the most awesomest ultimate social network ever” with “international membership already in the billions.”

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Please, no more social networks

Stefanie Olsen – “The consensus here at the Dow Jones Web Ventures conference this week seems to be that the world doesn’t need another social network.”

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Social Media Burnout

Eric Benderoff – “I have social media fatigue.”

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Teens and Social Media

Pew – “The use of social media gains a greater foothold in teen life as they embrace the conversational nature of interactive online media.”

The twopointohians are going to eat this up.

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Be Our Friends

Cliff Landis – “Social networking sites: Getting friendly with our users”

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Dark Side of Social Networks

New York Times – “Like most mobs, the one that pursued Megan Meier was cruel and unrelenting. Its members gathered on the social networking site MySpace and called Megan a liar, a fat whore and worse.”

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CNET – “Many companies are thinking about how they can take advantage of social-networking technology, but analysts at Gartner are warning against getting caught up in the hype.”

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Kickin’ It Old School

Laura M. Holson – “A Different Kind of Networking”

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