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Ethical Issues for Lawyers, Judges Using Social Networking

Technologist – “Trying to head off such situations before they occur, the Florida Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee has issued an opinion about the ethical issues that crop up when Florida judges use social networking sites. While this opinion addresses Florida judges, it highlights ethical issues that all legal professionals should think about.”

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Study: Social-media junkies use e-mail more


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Study: Users Spend More Time on Social Networks Than Ever Before, but Twitter’s Growth Slows Down

Read/Write/Web – “According to a new study from Nielsen, Internet users spend more time on social networks and blogs in May 2009 than ever before. The total number of minutes increased 82% year-over-year. Unsurprisingly, Twitter saw the largest gain in total new users among social networks, with a 1,448% increase in visitors from May 2008 to May 2009. Users also started to spend far more time on Twitter in recent months. In May 2008, the average user spent about 6 minutes on Twitter.com, while this number has now grown to more than 17 minutes (Note: as far as we can see these numbers don’t seem to take users who use third-party clients into account).”

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Manage your social life with these apps

CNET – “Managing social network profiles is getting more difficult. As we sign up for more services, we need to split our time between multiple sites. But with the help of social aggregators, we can limit those issues. The following tools do a fine job of keeping your social life in one spot, helping you to monitor it more efficiently.”

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Keeping up with social networks while on the go

International Herald Tribune – “For most people, a quick glance at Facebook, Twitter or MySpace is enough to get up to speed on one’s social circle. So why would you need to haul yourself to a computer just to do that? You don’t. As long as you’ve got the right phone.”

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The Importance of Social Networking to Information Work

The Importance of Social Networking to Information Work – “Collaboration software was designed for the information worker and it has indeed, helped tremendously by giving people more ways and channels to communicate and work together on content.”

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CEOs take on Social Media

BusinessWeek – “Many CEOs use social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter personally, but few use them to communicate with stakeholders. And while 29% say social media can be a very or extremely effective way for companies to communicate, just as many find it ineffective.”

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Social Networks Go to Work

PC World – “Use of social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube is widespread in business today, along with instant messaging, peer-to-peer file-sharing and media streaming, according to new research.”

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Study Shows Social Networking At Work Is Good

Some conversation over at Slashdot

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Social organizer

Washington Business Journal – “Facebook and Twitter have added a new layer of excitement to your social life, and maybe even your career. But an active online social life may be clogging your schedule and your computer. Time to get uncluttered.”

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