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Huntington limits Silly String sales

Newsday – “The town board voted 4-1 yesterday to ban the sale of Silly String within 1,500 feet of a parade route.”

Speaking of tax dollars, I voted YES for a bond tonight and I have a really bad feeling about it. Why? Not enough families and too many frowns and older people in the crowd. Historically, older citizens vote down budgets. Barbie voted earlier today and saw the same thing. Fingers crossed, but I’m not holding my breath.

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Voting Problems in My Library District

Stacey Altherr – “Smithtown Town Councilwoman Patricia Biancaniello said she has been told by residents who voted that they were confused and might have pulled only the lever for the budget portion of the vote”

And you thought this stuff only happened in Florida.

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Go Smithtown Go

Newsday – “The Smithtown Library Board is set to adopt a $26.1-million bond referendum to renovate and expand its three libraries – in Commack, Kings Park and Smithtown – and build a new one in Nesconset, officials said.”

I wish my home library luck. I’ll be there to vote.

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