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Apple Patent Tips System for Autographing E-Books

“Though e-books are all the rage, they still lack one essential component: a place for the author’s John Hancock. But Apple may have a solution, according to a recent patent application. The application, published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), allows for “embedding an autograph in an electronic book.” That is, you can slide your iPad in front of your favorite author at their next book signing, and walk away with a souvenir.” (via PCMag.com)

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Man finds MLK signature inside book he bought for $3.50

“It’s the dream of many who visit thrift shops or antique stores — buy something cheap or find something old in your attic, head to Antiques Roadshow on a whim and end your day as one of the lucky few grinning on television as they learn their item is worth 20 times the price they paid for it.” (via New York Daily News)

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