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Privacy and Self Check Out

Chronicles of Dissent – “With self-check, patrons can come pick up books they reserve without having to wait on line or for librarian assistance. The problem with self-check is that libraries put the reserved books out where they are available to everyone and with the patron’s name on the tag, allowing anyone and everyone to see what you have reserved.”

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Self-Checkout Redux

Two views on the Seattlest piece.

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Does Self-Checkout Make Libraries Less Friendly?

Seattlest – “Our evidence: right around the time we switched to the University branch, self-checkout appeared in the library. There were hitches — we had a particularly memorable experience where it took us 10 minutes and the help of two staff members to check out seven pieces of library material. But self-checkout improved, and we no longer got to chat with librarians or staff members as they scanned our books.”

Love the robot pic.

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