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Students Prefer Real Classroom to Virtual World

Wired Campus – “In her recently published study, “Student Perceptions of a Course Taught in Second Life,” Ms. Cheal wrote that the 15 undergraduate students enrolled in the course raised concerns that too much “play” in the assignments inhibited learning. The students also cited problems with the program’s slow speed and with challenges acclimating to virtual life.”

Second Life is not a game…

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Second Life’s Second Wind

Forbes – “In what tech pundits at Gartner Research call the curve of hype and gloom, Linden Lab’s virtual world, Second Life, has officially entered the gloom stage.”

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Ban ‘Second Life’ in schools and libraries, Republican congressman says

CNET News.com: – “A Republican congressman who has sponsored legislation banning access to social-networking Web sites in schools and libraries has found a new target of displeasure: Second Life.”

Remember, “Second Life is not a game, it is a multi-user virtual environment”

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Jim and Dwight on Second Life

Jim: Playing that game again?

Dwight: Second Life is not a game. It is a multi-user virtual environment. It doesn’t have points or scores. It doesn’t have winners or losers.

Jim: Oh, it has losers.

Classic line from a classic show. It just keeps getting better and better.

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Help Others Betther Their Lives

This quote apparently appeared in American Libraries (I’m seeing it from a third-party) from Charlotte Glover, a librarian in Alaska – “I’m finding it hard to believe that any youth services librarian has time to serve virtual patrons. For those who have free time, you could mentor a child through Big Brothers Big Sisters, become a reading buddy at a local school, select books for a youth detention center, volunteer at a woefully understaffed school library, raise money for First Book, or read stories at a local women’s shelter. All of these activities would have a greater impact on literacy. They might, in fact, change someone’s life instead of providing just a fun diversion.”

This comes from a wonderful post that puts a lot of what librarians do into perspective. (via)

Lots of questioning of new technologies lately and whether they are useful for libraries. This is a very good thing, whether you agree or disagree.

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Second Life vs. Pat Conroy, the e-book Long Tail, and good parenting

David Rothman (The e-book guy) has some harsh words about Second Life.

"[S]hould public libraries plan to splurge millions in tax money to reduce the number of hours that children spend with parents? Have SL boosters in the library world really thought this through sufficiently? And how about all the constructive questions that Rochelle Hartman, an ALA councilor, has raised? Tell me, SL fans. Is this expensive service really what the schools and libraries need when basic digital and educational divides persist? Compared to alternatives, will it encourage more traditional literacy and sustained thought? And how about SL’s effect on The Long Tail about which so many e-bookers are fond?"

No comment from me.  I haven’t tried SL and probably won’t.  Just no time.  😉

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