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Seattle’s school libraries: a stark example of rich and poor

“When Pat Bliquez interviewed for the librarian job at McDonald International Elementary in Seattle’s North End a few years ago, she asked what her library budget would be.For more than two decades, she had dealt with a shrinking library budget at another school in a poorer neighborhood. She scrambled to get books wherever she could, sometimes using her own money at used-book sales.But at McDonald? The interviewers looked at each other, then one replied, “Well, we have a very generous PTA.””I found out if I wanted any money, it was all going to come from the PTA,” she said.” (via AP)

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Seattle Marketing Firm Offers to Rebrand the Library for Free

“In an open letter to the Seattle Public Library published online this morning, a firm called Marketeering Group (never heard of them) offers to rebrand the library for free.” (via The Stranger)

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City pledges $5K to rebuild Seattle tool library after burglary

“The city of Seattle announced Tuesday that it wants to help restock the Northeast Seattle Tool Library after thieves took $10,000 worth of saws, drills and other tools from the nonprofit’s shelves last weekend. Mayor Ed Murray’s office said in a statement the city is pledging $5,000 to help the organization rebuild its inventory and it is urging others to donate, too. The tool-lending operation works much like a traditional library, where residents borrow items to do at-home handiwork. Most of its tools were donated to the organization.” (via Seattle Times)

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Why Seattle Public Library Surrendered Its Gun Ban

“When Seattle Public Library lifted its ban on guns in early November, officials there said they had done so because patrons had complained. Internal library emails reveal that there was just one patron complaint in several years – a man with a Yahoo email account who didn’t identify himself as either a patron or Seattle resident. That man, Dave Bowman, lives in Seattle and has a library card (which he uses, he noted in an email to KUOW), and said that he demanded the policy change on behalf of all gun owners. He described himself as “neither a conservative, nor liberal, but a libertarian.” (via KUOW)

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A public library on a bicycle? Seattle has one

“Seattle is a great book town. And also a great biking town. So it should comes as little surprise that Seattle now given us a mobile, people-powered public library that’s wheeled about town by pedaling librarians. “Librarians on bicycles are traveling to several outdoor events across the city with a custom-built book trailer that can carry 500 pounds of materials and display 75 books at a time,” Library Journal reports this week. Last month, Mayor Mike McGinn helped inaugurate the summer pilot program by biking from the city’s Central Library to an elementary school with books and a team of librarians in tow.” (via latimes.com)

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Seattle Public Libraries robot librarian

Vote yes on Seattle Proposition 1 to support libraries

“It’s no exaggeration to say that a library saved my life. As a child seeking refuge from a difficult family, I found solace at the Parkman Branch Library in Detroit, thanks to a children’s librarian named Miss Frances Whitehead. Through the books she shared with me, and the kindness she showed, she opened my world well beyond the world that I knew. By the time I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up, so that I could do for other people what Miss Whitehead did for me: Inspire them with books that would feed their souls, help them satisfy their curiosity about whatever interested them and make the world a better place.”

via Nancy Pearl

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Seattle to ask voters for money to keep libraries running

KIng5 – “With no computer at home, Marilyn Niles depends on the public library access to look for work. “It’s a lifeline. I wouldn’t be able to find a job probably,” she said. Upgraded technology and more library workers are promised as part of the library levy. Also, after four years of budget cuts, with closings and furloughs, the levy will restore some library hours. It will add Sunday hours at 15 branches and restore seven-day-a-week service at the Columbia and Northgate branches.”

Seattle area libraries removing security cameras

AP – “The King County Library System is removing security cameras from its libraries, worried that supplying security video to law-enforcement agencies could compromise patron privacy.

“We decided the cameras were not serving a purpose and were a point of contention with law enforcement,” said Bill Ptacek, who as director of the county library system has the final say. “We don’t want to be in an adversarial relationship. We believe intellectual freedom is the important part, so we got out of the camera business.”

More here, and here.

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15 Seattle library branches will reduce their hours

Seattle Times – “Eleven branches will be open 60 hours a week, seven days a week. For those branches, that’s an increase of 5 hours a week, a move to provide services to library-goers at branches where hours are being reduced. The council, in its budget negotiations, made a big priority of saving library hours. Members ended up restoring about $860,000 in cuts proposed by the mayor. Beginning Wednesday, the majority of library branches will be open just five days a week and will have reduced hours the days they are open. Currently, most are open six or seven days a week.”

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