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Humans are Searchers

The NYT on human powered search. Mahalo gets a lot of attention. (via)

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Life-Long Computer Skills

Great piece by Jakob Nielsen:

"Today’s search engine market leader might be gone in 20 years, and the search page layouts that currently dominate all search engines will almost certainly change. So, we shouldn’t teach the kids Google hacks.

That said, the general search concept will only become more important in the future, as we get ever-more information that will be ubiquitously accessible. Strategies for how to formulate good queries, how and when to use query reformulation or other search refinements, how to use scoped search, how to judge search result relevancy, and how to combine multiple search engines of different types will remain important, even as the specifics of how to implement such strategies change."

Lots of other invocations, including Information Overload (ack!!) and Information Credibility.

Do take a look.  I want to give it a standing ovation, but I’m on the train and, well, that would look silly. (via)

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