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Google, Microsoft Urged to Limit Search Data Storage

Bloomberg – “Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! Inc. must limit the amount of time they keep Internet- search records after failing to justify keeping the information beyond six months, European Union officials probing possible breaches of EU privacy laws said.”

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For Web Search, the Time Is Now

Beta News – “Real-time functionality has been the holy grail for Internet search engines in a world that seems gripped by an information speed addiction. Soon the major players will be able to deliver up-to-the-second results gleaned from tweets, Facebook updates and a plethora of other sources for users obsessed with what’s happening right now.”

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Stop Your Search Engines

NYT – “I’m not wishing the Internet away. It has become so integral to my work — to my life — that I honestly can’t recall what I did without it. But it has allowed us to reflexively indulge every passing interest, to expect answers to every fleeting question, to believe that if we search long enough, surf a little further, we can hit the dry land of knowing “everything that happens” and that such knowledge is both possible and desirable. In the end, though, there is just more sea, and as alluring as we can find the perpetual pursuit of little thoughts, the net result may only be to prevent us from forming the big ones.”

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A New Search Engine Specializing in Fun

All Things Digital – “This week, I tested a tool called Goby (pronounced go-be)…which works as an activity search engine to help you find things to do. It tries to be simple enough so that you can get some ideas and start doing the things you want to do rather than wasting hours in front of the computer.”

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New comScore Search Engine Rankings

Google is still way ahead, with a whopping 64.9% share. The others should just give up, no?

Then again, there are those niche engines

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