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Stop Your Search Engines

NYT – “I’m not wishing the Internet away. It has become so integral to my work — to my life — that I honestly can’t recall what I did without it. But it has allowed us to reflexively indulge every passing interest, to expect answers to every fleeting question, to believe that if we search long enough, surf a little further, we can hit the dry land of knowing “everything that happens” and that such knowledge is both possible and desirable. In the end, though, there is just more sea, and as alluring as we can find the perpetual pursuit of little thoughts, the net result may only be to prevent us from forming the big ones.”

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A New Search Engine Specializing in Fun

All Things Digital – “This week, I tested a tool called Goby (pronounced go-be)…which works as an activity search engine to help you find things to do. It tries to be simple enough so that you can get some ideas and start doing the things you want to do rather than wasting hours in front of the computer.”

Direct to Goby

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New comScore Search Engine Rankings

Google is still way ahead, with a whopping 64.9% share. The others should just give up, no?

Then again, there are those niche engines

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Google Continues to Lead Microsoft, Yahoo in Search Engine Satisfaction

eWeek – “The American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business report from ForeSee Results and the University of Michigan said Google leads rival search engines from Yahoo and Microsoft in customer satisfaction, with a score of 86. Microsoft’s new Bing search engine was not a factor in this report, though it will be in 2010.”

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comScore Study Highlights Challenges and Opportunities for Microsoft-Yahoo! Search Partnership

comScore, Inc – “comScore today released an analysis of the U.S. search market landscape, following the search partnership announced recently between Yahoo! and Microsoft. The analysis reveals that while the two companies’ combined search share still lags Google by a wide margin, their combined search audience offers opportunity to become more competitive in the search marketplace.

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Kids’ search terms: Sex, games, rock ‘n’ rol

CNET News – “Kids search for the darndest things online. In recent months, they’ve been looking for everything from Facebook and YouTube to Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, and someone named Fred. Oh, yes, they’re also looking for pictures their parents probably don’t want them to see.”

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Bing sees slight uptick in July

CNET – “It’ll probably still be a long time before people start saying things like “I’d spend some time binging that guy before I go on a date with him,” but in the U.S. things are looking up for Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, which was unveiled in May.”

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Librarians: Bing has to find niche

eSchool News – “School and campus librarians say Google likely will remain the preferred option for student and faculty research even after the much-ballyhooed deal between Microsoft and Yahoo, but they say Microsoft’s Bing search engine could cater to image searches in particular.”

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Wolfram Alpha: Don’t call it a search engine

PC World – “Wolfram Alpha can’t answer every question that a search engine can; but on topics it has data for, such as a town’s historical temperature reading, it offers deep information.”

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Twitter Search Share: .001 Percent!

Of course, this will change

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