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Anger as council bans yoga and painting from libraries

Courier-Mail – “A COUNCIL ban of yoga, painting and other activities from library meeting rooms for hygiene reasons has been slammed as “bureaucratic madness”.

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Drive-through window at Decatur library?

Not exactly…

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Don’t Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em

Especially if it’s a two-year old and you, as the parent, put the video up on MySpace.


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Judge removed after jailing entire courtroom

And you thought librarians were uptight about cell phones.

What a strange story (via)

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Buy This Banned Book

This makes sense.

Love this quote – “Even though the Higher Power of Lucky had won several literary awards, I didn’t go looking for a copy until the there was a big fuss about the word scrotum.”

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Opining About Human Filtering

Library board takes appropriate action: None

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Who Said Librarians Were Geeks/Nerds/Dorks?

Terry’s Workblog – “A Jack-o-Lantern with the MARC record of the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” (via)

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Air Travel Stinks

Supposed to get into Monterey at 7:30PM. Now, I’ll be arriving at 1:30AM (fingers crossed).

And people ask me why I don’t travel anymore. Question answered.

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More on Filtering at SJPL

Editorial – “Responding to a minor nuisance at the downtown library by dampening the rights of inquiry and speech of all patrons at every city library is an unacceptable trade-off.”

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Read a Banned Book Today

AP – “Not all penguin stories are equal in the public’s mind.”

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