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Laid-off Philadelphia teacher sets sights on rebuilding school libraries

Philadelphia Inquirer – “The library at Rowen Elementary School is musty and outdated – a locked room used for storage and occasional meetings, a repository of yellowing, untouched books. But Callie Hammond has big dreams for the room, whose leather-bound encyclopedias were printed in 1986, the year she was born. Hammond sees the West Oak Lane public school as a launching pad for Library Build, a nonprofit group she recently started to renovate and staff school libraries with fellows in the Teach for America model.”

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Time to stop cutting at L.A. Unified

LA Times – “Firing library aides and office assistants leaves the school district in free-fall. It’s time to tap emergency funds, cut state redevelopment agencies and discuss raising businesses’ property taxes.”

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Republic may change book policy, again

News Leader – “Weeks after a series of national groups demanded the Republic school board reverse a decision to remove two books from the high school, the governing body will take up the issue. The board will meet today to discuss revising a policy that paved the way for the books — “Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut and “Twenty Boy Summer” by Sarah Ockler — to be pulled from classrooms and the library. Superintendent Vern Minor didn’t return calls, but a proposed revision to the book standards policy posted online outlines one significant change”

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Sherlock Holmes book removed from school reading list for being anti-Mormon

Washington Post – “Here’s a relatively new one in the annals of book challenges: A Virginia school district has removed from the required sixth grade reading list at one middle school a Sherlock Holmes book because a Mormon parent complained about the way it portrayed Mormons. Josh Davis, chief operating officer for the Albemarle County Public Schools said the school board decided a few days ago to honor the request of a group of parents, “one in particular of the Mormon faith,” who complained earlier in the year.

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Tornado-damaged Alabama libraries get help

Birmingham News – “Mary Schellhammer, the school librarian at Alberta Elementary in Tuscaloosa, has a new visual aid when she lectures students about returning their library books. It’s a portion of a beginning reader book that was blown from the school building 60 miles to Adams­ville in the April 27 torna­does. The library’s bar code and stamp were still intact, so someone brought it back.”

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Canadian School Librarians and Libraries under siege

Press Release – “In recent weeks, there has been extensive media coverage, on the declining number of teacher-librarians in Canada, beginning with the announcement of eliminating school library staffing and making serious cuts to school library services and resources in the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board in Ontario. The Canadian Library Association (CLA) has been monitoring these developments, and is concerned about the status of teacher-librarians across the country.”

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High school libraries enter the 21st century

Ottawa Citizen – “The first thing Janice O’Neill did when she became librarian at St. Mark Catholic High School in Manotick was tear up the No Talking sign.

She also ripped up the No Eating sign, stopped charging students for printing stuff off the Internet and said goodbye to the card catalogue.

Now she’s clearing the tidy shelves of encyclopedias and other out-of-date reference books jammed with facts that are a click away thanks to Google.”

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Feds to investigate complaint that white school libraries get better support in Mobile County

Press Register – “The federal government has opened an investigation into allegations that the Mobile County school system spends a disproportionate amount of money on libraries and other facilities in majority-white schools at the expense of predominantly black ones.

Mobile County schools Superintendent Roy Nichols said he is confident the federal officials will find that the system treats its schools the same. He said the system funds school libraries at the same per-student rate, and lets each librarian decide how to spend it. “

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Bibles From the School Librarian?

News Channel 9 – “Officials in a northern Alabama school system say they are looking into complaints that Bibles were distributed during school hours by an elementary school teacher and the school librarian. Superintendent Barry Carroll said he plans to investigate the allegations at Blue Springs Elementary School in Limestone County”

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Lamar High’s library making room for e-books

Houston Chronicle. – “The library shelves at Lamar High School are emptier these days. Principal James McSwain asked his librarian to dump thousands of books to make more room for students to lounge on couches, sip coffee and read electronic books on laptops. Picture the high-end coffee bars down the street in River Oaks. "We didn’t burn books," said McSwain, a former English teacher who admits feeling emotionally attached to the paper tomes. "All we’ve done is move a little further into the 21st century with technology in our library."”

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