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New Round Of Layoffs May All But Decimate San Diego Schools Libraries

“The San Diego Unified Board of Education will vote Tuesday on whether to send some 200 additional pink slips to staff, bringing the total number of potential layoffs next year to about 1,700. The latest proposal would all but decimate the district’s already anemic library system.It would lay off all library technicians at middle and high schools. They are the only ones currently staffing their libraries. It would also eliminate six out of nine positions in the district’s central clearinghouse for textbooks, computers and other library assets.” (via KPBS)

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Are school libraries headed toward extinction? LAUSD principals are choosing other ways to spend limited budgets, but some board members want to change that

“Five more LA Unified high schools may divert their funding for teacher librarians this fall as principals decide to spend their budgets on other pressing needs, meaning 15 of the 84 high school libraries would not be fully staffed. The state’s Local Control Funding Formula allows more autonomy for district schools, and library staffing is among the discretionary items. But at an April committee meeting, three school board members indicated they would like to see library positions required at schools. If they enlist a fourth board member, they could make the positions required at schools, even though principals have repeatedly indicated they need autonomy over their budgets.” (via LA School Report)

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Facing big budget cuts, librarians to get the boot from almost a dozen Dallas ISD schools

“Almost a dozen Dallas schools will soon no longer have a librarian. Among them are four high schools — Roosevelt, Lincoln, A. Maceo Smith New Tech and Gilliam Collegiate Academy. So are three middle schools in the district’s ACE turnaround program: Edison, Rusk and Zumwalt. School officials say it’s the result of drastic budget cuts as the district scrapes around to make up for a $60 million shortfall next year. The changes will save $2 million.” (via Dallas News)

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In the war on fake news, school librarians have a huge role to play

“Concern about the prevalence of fake or sensationally biased news sources has escalated in the days following the presidential election, with many citing it as a factor (some even the primary cause) of Donald Trump’s win.The central focus of the concern is Facebook, which has grown beyond a social platform and is now a key information distributor from which 44 percent of Americans get their news. Though Mark Zuckerberg stated publicly that the idea that fake news on Facebook influenced the election was “crazy,” a BuzzFeed News report uncovered that people within his own company consider this response flippant and are busy organizing in secret to dig into the data and make recommendations to senior leadership.” (via The Verge)

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‘Quiet Crisis’: Are librarians in danger of being phased out of Las Vegas schools?

“Ryan Dwyer’s fifth-grade students plop down at tables in the Kay Carl Elementary school library, fidgeting in their seats as he explains how to do research online for an upcoming project.It looks like a scene that could be happening in virtually any elementary school, but there’s a catch. Dwyer isn’t the students’ full-time teacher. After class, he stays put as the teacher shows up at the door, organizes her class into a single-file line and shepherds them back to their classroom.” (via Las Vegas Sun News)

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