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‘Unbound: A National Exhibition of Book Art':

SF Chron – “‘Book art’ is a synthesis of form and content and provides us a bridge between the traditional book and contemporary art,” Lederer says. “Artists’ books engage us in their meaning through a myriad of elements (versus just text), including words, image, materials, shape, form and color. The creative opportunity for structuring and packaging book art is endless – from pop-ups to sculptural housing.”

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San Fran library hires social worker for homeless

AP – “Every day, when the main library opens, John Banks is waiting to get inside. He finds a spot and stays until closing time. Then his wheelchair takes him back to the bus terminal where he spends his nights. Like many homeless public library patrons, all Banks wants is a clean, safe place to sit in peace. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone. He doesn’t want anyone to talk to him. But the day he decides he wants help, he knows what to do: ask for the social worker.

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Tom Corwin celebrates reading with bookmobile

SF Chron – “Pulling away from the Cafe Flore on Market Street, San Francisco author Daniel Handler feels all the power and the weight of the 33-foot-long bookmobile as he cajoles it up the Market Street hill en route to his childhood library branch at West Portal. Unused to navigating large vehicles – “I’ve never even driven an SUV” – he is remarkably calm as he chugs through traffic on a recent afternoon.”

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Great cities need libraries now, more than ever

SF Chron – “San Francisco is bucking the national trend of diminished funding and services thanks to a budget set-aside, which received overwhelming approval by voters in 2007, and substantial progress on the largest capital improvement program in the history of the city’s library.”

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Waiver of San Francisco library fee lures lax back to the stacks

AP – “Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger may have the best excuse for overdue library books; his got rather damp following a spectacular jet landing in the Hudson River. But people from all over the San Francisco Bay area came up with some decent, or at least inventive, explanations for their tardy tomes under a recent amnesty program aimed at luring the lax back to the stacks.”

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Book ‘Em and Learn

I love this. “Book a Librarian” at SFPL.

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New Rules in SF Library

The Examiner – “Sex, indecent exposure and drug use in San Francisco public libraries are about to be against the rules.”

Wasn’t this against the law anyway?

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