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S.F. library writes new chapter on solving homeless dilemma

“We hope you’re sitting down for this. It turns out battles between city officials and homeless advocates over the rights of transients can sometimes be resolved with — drumroll please — compromise, compassion and common sense. Wait, what? We told you about a year ago that the Library Commission, at the urging of Mayor Ed Lee, was set to adopt a stronger Patron Code of Conduct with firmer penalties for breaking the rules. The Main Library has long had a problem with transients using it for napping, drug dealing, exposing themselves and taking baths in the restroom sinks. Believe it or not, past incidents have included a man answering the call of nature on books and another smashing a computer with a hammer.” (via SFGate)

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Report: SF library unruliness occurs most during midweek afternoons

“Months after the San Francisco Public Library tightened up rules for patrons, a new report has highlighted the areas where the library has been falling short in addressing security. But library officials say the report’s 11 recommendations either have been or are being implemented.The library had increased security and implemented new regulations following a rash of violent acts, a move that drew criticism from homeless advocates.Amid the pressure to stamp out the disruptions among the bookshelves, library officials asked the City Controller’s Office to analyze its security resources and strategies. Mayor Ed Lee had also paid a site visit in January, calling for improved patron conduct.” (via San Francisco Examiner)

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The secret stars of the San Francisco Public Library

“We’re sure it’s a bit of a coincidence, but after years of visiting different branches of the San Francisco Public Library, we started to discover that there are some incredibly talented people who work behind the desks, shelve the books and keep order in the world of reference materials. We set out to meet just a few of the astonishing number of musicians, artists and other creative types who dutifully serve the public every day.” (via SFGate)

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Here’s What You (Still) Can’t Do In The Library: The SFPL Revises Their ‘Code Of Conduct’

“When the Chronicle reported that, following a “frosty note” sent to San Francisco Public Library officials by Mayor Ed Lee, the library had come up with “a laundry list of offenses and penalties” for errant library patrons, we were intrigued! How was it possible that, as the Chron reported, the Mayor had to ask the library to create “rules that would moderate the worst problems such as fights with guards, shouting matches, and an unending plumbing clean-ups and repairs in restrooms”? How is it that the library was without these rules before now? As it turns out, they weren’t, according to SFPL spokesperson Michelle Jeffers. She tells SFist that “almost all the rules [Chron staffer Marshall Kilduff] cites in his article are not new. We’ve had these policies on the books for almost a decade now.” (via SFist)

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How new North Beach library rewrites architectural rule book

“Under any circumstances, San Francisco’s newest branch library would be an inviting addition to the North Beach landscape. The exterior is assertive without being flamboyant; the reading room, in its own modest way, is one of the best interior spaces you’ll find in a local civic building. When you consider the obstructions the project had to navigate – a closed-minded crusade that hasn’t yet stopped – the quality of what opens Saturday is even better. The 24th branch library to be built or remodeled since 2007 is small-scale urban architecture at its best, in sync with the past but thoroughly modern in look and feel. Where it pushes the boundary – literally, by extending into what was the 2000 block of Mason Street – the payoff for patrons more than justifies the move.” (via SFGate)

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Care enough not to excuse bad behavior by street people

“For a city that was once known as “the city that knows how,” the streets of San Francisco have become a shameful, unhealthy place. The news report of the unacceptable conditions at the San Francisco Public Library is just one example of the city’s inability to tackle the pervasive problem of street people acting badly.” (via SFGate)

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SF library officials propose new rules to crack down on unruly behavior

“In response to Mayor Ed Lee’s call for zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior at the San Francisco Main Library, new rules are being added to the patron conduct code as well as stiffer suspensions for violating existing regulations that in some cases would ban offenders for up to three years. The proposed rules presented Thursday to the Library Commission were received favorably by the mayor-appointed board, but homeless advocates are critical of the increased penalties and rules they worry would unfairly target the poor and homeless (via San Francisco Examiner)

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SFPL Partners with Hoopla Digital During National Library Week to Give Patrons Online and Mobile Access to Free Movies, TV Shows, Music and Audiobooks

“San Francisco Public Library today announced public availability of thousands of movies, television shows, music and audiobooks, all available for mobile and online access through a new partnership with hoopla digital (hoopladigital.com). The announcement comes in the wake of National Library Week (April 13 – 19, 2014), a national observance, celebrating the contributions of libraries and librarians, while promoting library use and support.” (via SFPL News Releases)

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S.F. library proposes new code of conduct with penalties

“Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be another battle over the behavior of homeless people in San Francisco, along comes a new brouhaha among the stacks at the city’s Main Library. The Civic Center building has long been a bastion for transients, some of whom have forgone good old-fashioned reading for bathing in the bathroom sinks, dealing drugs and exposing themselves. Recent notable incidents include a man urinating on books and another breaking a computer with a hammer.” (via SFGate)

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San Francisco mayor wants to clean up main public library

“With Twitter in the neighborhood and a shopping mall in the works, San Francisco’s plan to clean-up a gritty part of mid-Market Street appears to be working, but there’s a new trouble spot emerging that’s not too far away. Police are paying special attention to the city’s main library branch near Civic Center.

When you move people from one place, they have to go someplace else. In this case, we’re talking about street people, the homeless, and those who cause trouble. The library has become a hangout for many of them and the mayor wants it stopped.” (via abc7news.com)

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