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The Troubled City of San Bernardino Works to Save Its Library

“Jim and I spent a lot of time in San Bernardino, California last winter.  We were based in next-door Redlands, Jim’s hometown, to report on towns in the  West and Southwest for our American Futures project.When we returned to Southern California a few weeks ago for a Conference of town mayors at the University of Redlands, we retraced our familiar paths in San Bernardino. We were drawn to see the town again after the terrible shootings that happened there in December.” (via The Atlantic)

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San Bernardino library closures averted

“The threat of closing all three branch libraries and other cuts associated with a nearly 60 percent decrease to the library budget seemed to disappear Tuesday after a counter-proposal by the acting library director and a drama-free statement by the city manager. Most of the cuts could be avoided with another $500,000 a year, Acting Library Director Ed Erjavek told the City Council and City Manager Allen Parker at the city’s penultimate budget meeting.” (via SBSUn)

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Bankrupt San Bernardino Closes Libraries to Close Deficit

“San Bernardino, California, the second-largest U.S. city to enter bankruptcy, will close its branch libraries, dismiss school crossing guards and buy fewer bullets while under court protection. The reductions are part of a plan to reduce a budget deficit by two-thirds, to $16.4 million from $45.8 million, approved by the City Council yesterday. The council backed away from some cuts in the Fire Department, meaning that the city may not realize all of the savings outlined in the proposal until those cuts or alternatives are adopted.”

via Bloomberg

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