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Libraries without physical books find a niche in San Antonio

“Next summer Bexar County (Texas) will open a library in a housing project on the West side of San Antonio. There will be iMacs, iPads, laptops and hundreds of e-readers, but no physical books. This is the second library to be exclusively digital in San Antonio. Visitors can check out an e-reader for two weeks and pick from a selection of 25,000 books, or surf the Web on one of the library’s computers. The first branch — what Bexar County is calling a BiblioTech— opened in September 2013 and had more than 103,000 visitors in the first 12 months it was opened. Nearly 68,000 e-books were checked out during that period.” (via The Washington Post)

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SAHA, Bexar County partnering to build the library of the future

“Bexar County and the San Antonio Housing Authority have forged a new partnership to establish the first digital public library in a housing authority community. The details of the partnership will be announced this afternoon at the Gardens of San Juan Square community at 2003 S. Zarzamora St.” (via San Antonio Business Journal)

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San Antonio airport installs digital library kiosks for travelers

“The San Antonio International Airport has unveiled two Digital Library kiosks that will allow travelers to check out digital media to take on trips. The kiosks were funded by the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library at a cost of $26,000. The kiosks will allow library patrons to browse the library’s digital media content which can then be checked out and downloaded onto a mobile device for a limited time. Materials can be checked out for three weeks at a time before expiring.” (via San Antonio Business Journal)

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Library system funding feud a page-turner

“I hate a bad breakup. It’s worse when you can’t even pick a side. One such breakup could be brewing between the San Antonio Public Library system and Bexar County. Maybe using the word breakup is too strong but, if these two can’t make it work, we’ve all got a lot to lose. Here’s the story: The relationship began way back in 1936, long before anyone had issues with billboards stinking up the landscape; the county kicked in a fee so residents who lived outside San Antonio proper could use the library’s facilities.” (via San Antonio Express-News)

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When it comes to city services, San Antonians love their library

The San Antonio Public Library earned a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating from local residents, according to the latest community survey conducted by independent consulting firm ETC Institute. Patrons ranked the public library the highest in overall service among all the services offered by the City of San Antonio. At 96 percent, the library system ranked higher overall in customer satisfaction compared with the national average.” (via )

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Visually impaired teen makes impact at Southside digital library

“When Christian Sanchez reported to the Bexar County BiblioTech as an intern in June, he immediately made his mark. Within days, the 16-year-old had learned every facet of all-digital library located at 3505 Pleasanton Road. The tech savvy teen’s duties ranged from working the circulation desk to one-on-one sessions with visually impaired patrons. While Sanchez is particularly adept at helping visually impaired patrons — he’s blind himself — he readily assisted all patrons, answering tech questions and providing information.” (via San Antonio Express-News)

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Building a new library from the ground up

“Universal City librarian Toni Davenport is almost giddy when discussing the task that lies before her — build a new library, from the ground up. Community meeting space, banks of computers and a “library that flows” are among the wants, needs and desires Davenport will express in the coming weeks, as the city begins meeting with architects about what to incorporate in the new structure. Universal City City Council July 15 voted to pursue certificates of obligation in order to build a new $3.2 million library on property near the current facility on Northview Drive. The city owns the land under the current library, as well as a neighboring park and walking trail.” (via San Antonio Express-News)

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$4 million for [San Antonio] Central Library will yield new services

“From the 2012-2017 bond program, $4 million in upgrades have begun on the Central Library, a building nearly 20 years old at 600 Soledad St. Projects include four new elevators, public restroom renovations, an entire floor devoted to teens, and new carpet. In all, there are 10 projects, some already completed, slated for the 240,000-square-foot, six-story building. Library staff estimates the projects will come $5,000 under budget.” (via The Downtown Blog)

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San Antonio Public Library Unveils Brand New Library Learning Van for Children and Teens

“The San Antonio Public Library announced and unveiled a brand new Library Learning Van today at Wheatley Middle School. Named, V.R.O.O.M.- the Valero Roaming Online Outreach Mobile, the van will roam throughout the Eastside Promise Neighborhood, providing online outreach to children and teens, in order to bridge the digital divide that exists in our community. V.R.O.O.M is just one more example of how the Library provides access to online resources that empower the lives of our citizens.” (via mysanantonio.com)

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Libraries, parks funding restored in new city budget

“The City Council on Thursday adopted a $2.3 billion budget that keeps libraries functioning seven days a week and restores parks funding through a $1 increase to the city’s monthly environmental fee. Council members largely praised City Manager Sheryl Sculley and her budget staff for deft handling of the budget during tight fiscal times. Not everyone was pleased with the final spending plan. Council members Elisa Chan and Carlton Soules voted against almost everything in the budget, saying the believed that the council was acting irresponsibly and living beyond its means.” (via San Antonio Express-News)

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