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New Email Alerts and RSS Feeds on Congress.gov

“Last year’s most viewed new post on In Custodia Legis was Legislation Email Alerts on Congress.gov.  The email alerts are an excellent addition to the system that allow you to track a specific piece of legislation, what a Member of Congress is sponsoring and cosponsoring, and when the next issue of the Congressional Record is available.Building on those email alerts, there is now an additional set of email alerts and the first RSS feeds that you can subscribe to from Congress.gov.” (via In Custodia Legis)

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Library Stuff RSS Feed – RIP

After more than 10 years of providing an RSS feed for this blog, I have decided to turn it off. RSS hasn’t been used in a very long time and, let’s face it, it’s a very clunky technology. For those that have been reading my blog via RSS, please remember to bookmark it and place it in your “daily reads” folder.

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AOL Launches Its Own News Reader

“With Google Reader’s demise looming, a host of media companies have jumped to fill the impending void. Apps like Zite have updated to take on Reader-like qualities. Digg has been racing to build its own RSS reader that largely reproduces Google Reader’s core functions. And now, AOL joins the fray with its own AOL Reader, officially launching today. Like the just-announced Digg Reader and Google Reader before it, AOL Reader has a simple, minimalist design. It’s got all the features you’d expect from a robust RSS reader. Does it have anything mind-blowing that sets it apart from other readers? Not really. But it looks good, works as expected, and if you have an AOL account, you’d be remiss not to give it a shot if you’re looking for a new web-based reader.” (via Wired)

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Georgetown Law Library Establishes Faculty Blog Aggregator

“The Georgetown Law Library has established a webpage that automatically aggregates blog posts by Georgetown Law faculty members from sources around the web. The faculty blog aggregator (http://www.law.georgetown.edu/faculty/blogposts.cfm) is a self-updating collection of posts that currently come from 14 Law Center faculty contributors across 14 blog sites. “The blog aggregator is a very useful tool for keeping up with our faculty, their scholarship and their views on the legal world,” said Georgetown Law Associate Dean for Research and Administration Gregory Klass. “It’s wonderful to have it all in one place.”

via Georgetown Law

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A social aggregator, from Microsoft….in preview only.

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Ping.fm Taps Superfeedr to Broadcast Realtime RSS Feeds

Louis Gray – “While the mass broadcast of status updates across multiple networks is something done best in moderation, the opportunity to distribute one’s RSS feeds, from a blog or any other source, to potential viewers, no matter where they are, is core to the nature of the technology itself. Today, Ping.fm, the Seesmic-owned utility that allows for multi-network pollination, announced a new feature that gives RSS feeds the same flexibility as traditional status updates.”

Whoo Hoo!

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Follow changes to any website with Google Reader

Google Reader Blog – “At Google we’re always looking for ways to take advantage of work being done in other parts of the organization. So when a team approached us with a way to follow changes from websites without feeds, we jumped at the opportunity.”

H.U.G.E! Thanks Google Reader gods!

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LegalPubs for Greener Law?

Stem Legal – “The only way the premise works of course, is for Law Librarians to be using RSS for new product awareness. So the question becomes: Are we there yet?”

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Whither RSS

Stephen Abram – “As an RSS addict I hope I don’t have to go into detox any time soon. From a library perspective I find RSS much simpler to adopt and manage than Twitter style.”

RSS may be dead for some, and others still use it. To each his own, no? IMO, Twitter for breaking news is better than RSS, but that’s about it. I don’t think I’ll give up my reader for awhile, but that’s me.

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Don’t you get it yet? Partial feeds kill readership

WinExtra – “For the past week or so there has been a slow building steam over this ridiculous habit that some bloggers have of only sending out a partial RSS feed.”

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