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LII Moves to IPL: Personal Thoughts

Roy Tennant tells us what he thnks of the move.

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Tennant V. Oberg

Steve Oberg answers Roy Tennant’s questions about his (Steve’s) beefs with OCLC.

Now this is just what the library profession needs. Passion. Heart. Beef. Yes!!!

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The End of An Era

Roy Tennant – “So after ten long years I will no longer be writing a column for Library Journal, but I will be blogging.”

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Tennant on Innovation

Roy Tennant – “If you want to find a treasure under a rock I’d pick up the small ones.”

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Roy on the AL Scandal

Kidding of course, about the “scandal”. 😉

Roy Tennant – “So let’s all take a deep breath and calm down. “Library 2.0″ is not going to solve all of our ills, nor is it all that new. But if some want to frame the changes they see that need to be made within a Library 2.0 framework, perhaps those of us who haven’t signed on could allow them to do so without getting all freaked out about it.”

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