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Getting backstage at Austin City Limits with R.E.M. and AMD

Robert Scoble goes to an R.E.M. “show”. I’m so jealous.

Thanks Connie

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More on Twitter

Dan York – The 10 ways I learned to use Twitter in 2007…

From Scoble’s shared links. Do yourself a favor and make him a friend in Google Talk. He reads and shares the best stuff. Plus, he’s a classy guy.

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Celebrating seven years of blogging

Robert Scoble reflects. He’s probably one of the most influential bloggers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Plus, he’s a classy guy. Those two characteristics in one person is very hard to find. We’re lucky to have him around. Congrats!

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Old Feed Titles

Robert Scoble doesn’t like e-mail anymore and I’m not doing Twitter/Facebook/etc these days, so I’m hoping he’ll see this in a blog search for his name.


I’ve had his feed in my reader for quite a while and it still says “Microsoft Geek Blogger” even though he’s been at a new job for longer than a year. Nothing more to add. Just interesting that sometimes your feed title doesn’t follow you when you change jobs.

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Say No To PowerPoint

Robert Scoble – “I love any conference that bans PowerPoint.”

They should do this for Internet Librarian.

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Is LinkBlogging Legal?

A post from my favorite blog…for today.

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More on Facebook Un-Breast Feeding

Robert Scoble joins the protest.

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More on Human Filters

EirePreneur – “Anyone who wants to put the RSS genie back in the bottle and rob the web of human filters should go work with the dead tree press.”

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Eric Enge interviews Robert Scoble (via)

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