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Longtime Baltimore County library chief retires

“Jim Fish had a knack for management from a young age, former colleagues say — and in his 43 years as a professional librarian, he never worked as anything but a library director. The longtime administrator of the Baltimore County Public Library stepped down last month, having witnessed many changes in library technology — and in American society itself. When he began his adult career more than four decades ago, people still used card catalogs. There were no Kindles or other e-readers. And people didn’t visit the library for all the reasons they do today.” (via Baltimore Sun)

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D.C. Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper retires, leaves a legacy

“After seven years, D.C.’s Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper is retiring and going back home to Oregon. She leaves behind a legacy that includes 17 new or renovated libraries. Cooper took a library system that was in decay seven years ago and tripled circulation. “We had about 100 computers. We now have 1,100 computers,” Cooper says.” (via WJLA.com)

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D.C. chief librarian Ginnie Cooper announces retirement

“Whoever said “without libraries, you have no civilization” had obviously never confronted a D.C. public library circa the early 2000s. Odd-smelling places, many of them, and not in a musty literary way but in a stinky dog pee way, with curling carpet and yellowy leaking ceilings, and the sense that whatever book you sought might be on the shelves, or might be propping up a window air-conditioning unit. Walking into a branch felt less like entering a monument to knowledge than like entering a semi­finished basement in need of a good wet vac. “I think the biggest day” in recent library history, says John Hill, president of the D.C. Public Library Board of Trustees, “was the day that Ginnie came.” (via The Washington Post)

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Library Company chief plans to retire

“John Van Horne, 63, who has presided over the Library Company of Philadelphia during nearly three decades of unprecedented digital change, has announced he will retire in May 2014. When Van Horne arrived in 1985, the Library Company, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1731, had a Wang word processor. Soon, it acquired a fax machine that used thermal paper. Now the library has created a rich and growing online environment.” (via Philly.com)

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OED Editor Retires As Only Seventh Person To Hold The Job

“After more than 35 years at the Oxford English Dictionary, chief editor John Simpson has announced his retirement. He is only the seventh editor of the dictionary since the project’s beginning in 1879. He speaks with Robert Siegel about his tenure and what he sees for the future of the OED.” (via NPR)

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Retiring N.J. state librarian stresses libraries’ continued relevance in digital age

NJ.com – “As state librarian, Norma Blake has helped libraries around New Jersey shift their primary function from lending books to aiding in the economic recovery — whether it’s teaching job seekers basic computer skills or serving as reference centers for research. “Many years ago, people said, ‘Oh, libraries will never last with the Internet,’ but that has proved to be the exact opposite,” she said. “People are pouring into libraries.”

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Retiring librarian ‘grew up’ with technology

Daytona Beach News Journal – “In a hallway down from Library Director Betty Drees Johnson’s office, a wooden card catalog from the 1960s lines the wall. The small drawers hold a master list of some of the books and publications in the Stetson University duPont-Ball Library with details about the origin of the item, how much it cost or who may have donated it. The “shelf list,” as it is called, is for “historical purposes.” History that Johnson, Stetson library director and professor, has grown with as a graduate of Stetson University and faculty member for 50 years.”

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Librarian spreads reading across world

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