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Strength in Numbers: The Research Libraries UK (RLUK) Collective Collection

“Research libraries are exploring opportunities to cooperatively address areas of mutual need, including collection management and the long-term stewardship of the legacy print investment. Analysis of collective collections is a valuable source of insight and intelligence to support planning in an environment where libraries seek to create value through collective action and shared capacities. In partnership with Research Libraries UK (RLUK), OCLC Research has produced a detailed characterization of the collective collection of the RLUK membership, with special emphasis on print books.” (via OCLC)

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Book Review: ‘You Could Look It Up’ By Jack Lynch

“Of the many problems facing dictionary authors past and present, the most predatory of them seem to be — in order — time, politics, and ghost words. And if you’re already pulling up a tab to Google “ghost words,” You Could Look it Up is written just for you. A casual but fascinating read that feels like sneaking into a library after hours, it offers an absorbing glimpse into the world-changing and frequently turbulent history of the reference shelf.” (via NPR)

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Undergraduates’ Use of Google vs. Library Resources: A Four-Year Cohort Study

“This longitudinal study at a large public university surveyed students of the 2008 freshmen cohort over four years about their use of Web sites and library resources for their research papers. The three goals of the study were to track changes in reported research behavior over time, to see if students’ reported source choices were associated with librarian instruction and/or if they were associated with instructors’ source requirements. The study found that, as students matured, they used library resources more frequently. Librarian instruction and faculty source requirements also were associated with increased use of library resources.” (via ACRL)

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The Library in the Life of the User: Engaging with People Where They Live and Learn

“This compilation provides a sequential overview of some of our user behavior research findings that articulate the need for the design of future library services to be all about the user.” (via OCLC)

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Think. Check. Submit launched

“A new cross-industry campaign has been launched – Think. Check. Submit. The campaign aims to provide information for researchers, through an online hub, about the criteria they should look for when selecting where to publish their research. The volume of research output continues to grow, and recent years have seen an increase in new publishing services and outlets. In March of this year, the CrossRef database alone included over 71 million digital object identifiers (DOIs), of which 55 million refer to journal articles from a total of over 36,000 journals. Those behind the campaign say there is little in the way of guidance exists when it comes to choosing a journal to publish in.” (via Research Information)

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