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New GPO report suggests charging taxpayers twice for government info

“The National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) recently released their congressionally mandated report, Rebooting the Government Printing Office: Keeping America Informed in the Digital Age.  NAPA’s five-member panel spent ten months conducting an audit of the Government Printing Office (GPO). The panel’s lengthy 166 page report does present some interesting, and at times, troubling thoughts.”

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“The Association of American Publishers and five preeminent scholarly publishing member organizations are sponsoring a new public service guide that explains how to evaluate scientific claims promoted in the media. I Don’t Know What to Believe, launching nationally today and available free of charge in digital format, offers a straightforward approach to assessing the accuracy of science stories. It also explains the process called “Peer Review” conducted on manuscripts submitted for publication in fact-based scholarly journals: a formal, careful system, funded and led by publishers, which analyzes and approves the quality of research and reporting in an article before it is accepted for publication.”

via The Association of American Publishers.

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New LJ Report Closely Examines What Makes Academic Library Patrons Tick

“College students view their academic libraries favorably—especially as freshmen. Yet as they advance in their academic careers, undergraduates may be losing esteem for the library as a place that offers unique academic support not found anywhere else on campus, according to LJ’s Patron Profiles: Academic Library Edition. Compiled in conjunction with Design Think Do consulting, Beacon Hill Strategic Solutions, Bowker, and a dedicated advisory board, this stand-alone report asked faculty and students about “actual usage and perceived value of their academic libraries, with an emphasis on products and services both now and in the future, in the context of digital and emerging technology trends.”

via Library Journal.

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The Library in the City: Changing Demands and a Challenging Future

The Pew Charitable Trusts – “Big-city public libraries have rarely been as popular as they are today and rarely as besieged. The hard economic times of recent years have generated increased demand for the free and varied services libraries provide, even as revenue-challenged local governments have cut back on contributions to library budgets. All of this comes at a time when libraries are being asked to perform a new and changing range of functions. “The Library in the City: Changing Demands and a Challenging Future” looks at how Philadelphia is faring and the challenges facing urban libraries across America. It examines The Free Library of Philadelphia’s operations and compares them to those of 14 other library systems.”

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OCLC Report Examines Use of Social Metadata at Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Infotoday – “OCLC Research has released a new report titled “Social Metadata for Libraries, Archives, and Museums, Part 1: Site Reviews.” The report seeks to provide an overview of social metadata to enable cultural heritage institutions to better utilize their users’ expertise and enrich their descriptive metadata to improve their users’ experiences.
Metadata helps users locate resources that meet their specific needs. But metadata also helps us to understand the data we find and helps us to evaluate what we should spend our time on. Traditionally, staff at libraries, archives, and museums (LAMs) create metadata for the content they manage. However, social metadata—content contributed by users—is evolving as a way to both augment and recontextualize the content and metadata created by LAMs. Many cultural heritage institutions are interested in gaining a better understanding of social metadata and also learning how to best utilize their users’ expertise to enrich their descriptive metadata and improve their users’ experiences.”

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State of America’s Libraries Report 2011: Public libraries– A key resource for the jobless, entrepreneurs –– and the community

ALA – “More than two-thirds of adults responding to a January 2011 Harris Poll Quorum (PDF). created for the American Library Association said that the library’s assistance in starting a business or finding a job was important to them. These figures were up from a year earlier, testament both to Americans’ entrepreneurial spirit and libraries’ role in nourishing that spirit.

The ALA conducted the January study as part of a Harris Interactive telephone omnibus study conducted Jan. 19-23 with a nationwide cross-section of 1,012 adults.”

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