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R.E.M. @ MSG

I know where I’m going to be on June 19th. :-)

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R.E.M. World Leader Pretend 1989

Great version of the appropriate song for 2008.

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R.E.M. is revved and ready, but does the band still matter?

Chicago Tribune – “Michael Stipe couldn’t go onstage without his espresso Thursday, so the few hundred fans, friends and journalists gathered at the taping of “Austin City Limits” on the University of Texas campus had to wait.”

Hear the Stubbs show from NPR

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Getting backstage at Austin City Limits with R.E.M. and AMD

Robert Scoble goes to an R.E.M. “show”. I’m so jealous.

Thanks Connie

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Scoble and REM

Love ya Robert!

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R.E.M. Launching New Album On iLike

Billboard – “The roll-out, the first of its kind for a major act, will allow fans to stream and share “Accelerate” in its entirety beginning March 24, a week ahead of the album’s April 1 release date.”

Job number 1. Sign up on ilike.

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REM spins out the hits, tasty new tunes at Langerado

Palm Beach Post – “We’re R.E.M.,” Michael Stipe said, charmingly leaning on his mic stand, “and this is what we do.”

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R.E.M. Accelerate: An Advance Review and Song-by-Song Analysis of the Band’s New Album

Great piece. I love the song-by-song breakdown.

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REM reborn

The Telegraph on the “new” REM

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More Information on Accelerate

StereoGum – “Half of the tracks on Accelerate clock in at under three minutes, and a quarter of them are just barely over the two minute mark. In total, Accelerate zooms on by in 34 minutes, making it the shortest full-length in the band’s discography.”

Thanks Connie for sending the link.

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