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Birthday gift takes leaf from mom’s life, benefits Chicago Public School school with books

“When Geraldine Williamson was a young mother raising five kids in suburban Riverwoods, books were her passport to some necessary mental alone time.”I’d just say to the kids, ‘You stay here. Mother is going on vacation,’ and I’d stretch out on the couch and read while I kept an eye on them,” Williamson said. “That’s what books are, a vacation.”She and her late husband, Gordon, a schoolteacher, brought up their children to believe books were indispensable; that the library and the book rummage sale provided doors to recreation, education, and a richer life. Geraldine’s years as a volunteer at the Vernon Area Public Library District and as the book organizer for rummage sales at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Deerfield only reinforced that.” (via Chicago Tribune)

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Publishing Heavyweights Petition White House, Congress To End Cuba Book Embargo

“More than 50 major players in the U.S. publishing industry are petitioning the White House and Congress to end the Cuba trade embargo as it pertains to books and educational materials.Calling the book embargo “counter to American ideals of free expression,” the petition — endorsed by publishing companies, authors and agents — says “books are catalysts for greater cross-cultural understanding, economic development, free expression, and positive social change.” (via NPR)

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Carnegie UK Trust announces £60k sponsorship of prestigious children’s book awards

“The Carnegie UK Trust has today announced its commitment to provide £60,000 over the next five years to support the UK’s oldest and most prestigious children’s book awards, the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Awards.The awards, which are run by the Charted Institute of Library and Information (CILIP), are also the only children’s book awards in the UK that are judged by librarians.The two prestigious awards presented each year are the CILIP Carnegie Medaland theCILIP Kate Greenaway Medal.” (via CILIP)

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Serial Reader for iPhone Dishes Out Short Snippets of Classic Fiction Daily

“iOS: Finding time to read is hard, but if you fancy yourself a fan of classic literature, from the likes of Jane Austen, Jules Verne, or Charles Dickens, then Serial Reader’s a clever app that allows you to essentially subscribe to classic books in a serial format that’s sent to you daily.” (via Lifehacker)

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Blind dates with romance novels

“Two sleepy cats greet patrons at A Novel Idea bookstore. Eddie, who is more retriever than cat, according to his owner, rubs up against costumers, pushing them toward the rows of used books, luring them through the cozy room toward the row of blind dates.”It’s the only blind date that you’re sure won’t stalk you later,” Cinnamon Dokken said.But this local bookstore in downtown Lincoln, Neb., isn’t a hub for singles and matchmaking; rather, these “blind dates” come wrapped in brown paper with written taglines or short phrases alluding to the contents of the book inside.” (via (Chicago Tribune)

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Your Bookshelves Are At the Heart of New Book Discovery Engine

“When Canadian engineer Peter Hudson started BitLit Media two years ago, a big part of the idea was to start an app (now known as Shelfie) that would enable readers to get a heavily discounted or free copy of an e-book by taking a picture of their bookshelf. Hudson built on that premise this fall with the addition of Shelfie Recommendations, a part of the app that Hudson hopes will be an alternative to PWBTAB (people who bought this also bought) recommendations, which have long been used for online book discovery.” (via PW)

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Rinse, Spin, Read To Kids: It’s A Mashup Of Laundromat and Library

“Poor mothers often spend way too much time hunched over a washboard. What if they could use those hours to curl up with their kids and read a book instead? A group of friends at Oxford University plans to find out by developing a combination childhood education and laundry services center, a concept they’ve dubbed a “Libromat.” The five team members have extensive backgrounds in childhood education, and they pooled their talents to apply for the 2015 Hult Prize, a $1 million award for young social entrepreneurs tackling some of the world’s biggest problems.” (via NPR)

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Amazon.com Announces the Most Well-Read Cities in America

“Amazon.com today announced its fifth annual list of the Most Well-Read Cities in America – just in time for summer reading season. The ranking was determined by compiling sales data of all book, magazine and newspaper sales in both print and Kindle format from April 2014 to April 2015, on a per capita basis in cities with more than 500,000 residents” (via Amazon.com)

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“Ballin’ On A Budget:” How A Miami Teacher Keeps His Library Stocked

“Miami Northwestern High School teacher Daniel Dickey says there’s no silver bullet or secret book which will spark a student’s interest in reading. Instead, he says he asks questions and listens. “I sit down with that student and really figure out what is it that drives you?” Dickey says. “Why do you come to school? Why are you here every day?” He asks them about their plans, their dreams.” (via StateImpact Florida)

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A Brooklyn Librarian Will Now Make You a Personalized Reading List, and You Don’t Even Have to Put on Pants

“This has been, without a doubt, an excellent summer for New York’s libraries. In Manhattan, the Stephen A. Schwartzman branch set up a beautiful outdoor reading room that was open for the past two weeks before closing on the 22nd. A group of seafaring booklovers announced that they’ll launch a floating library aboard the Lilac Museum Steamship for a month come September. And now, in a less temporary and totally genius move, a group of hardworking librarians across the Brooklyn Public Library system will make you a personalized reading list. You don’t have to leave the house, dress yourself, or talk to another human being to put in a request for one. The future is here, and it is glorious.” (via Village Voice)

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