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Watch as public libraries reinvent themselves yet again

“Amid ever-evolving trends in technology, the question has come to me: Is there a future for the public library? And if so, what will that library look like? From what has been written on the subject, from my own experience and from talking to library consultants and futurists, the consensus is that the library of the future will be more and more of a social and knowledge hub for the community it serves. Libraries have been around in various forms for some 3,000 years. Throughout history, the role of the public library has been as a storehouse of universal knowledge, an archive of manuscripts, art and important documents, a centre for information and the collected record of a community’s history and culture. Has this mandate really changed in the ensuing years?”

via Montreal Gazette

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Why Libraries Are a Smart Investment for the Country’s Future

“Across from the United States Supreme Court, two hundred people gathered at the Library of Congress to celebrate Monday — and not because of the court’s immigration decision. From suited university presidents to red-shirted Boy Scouts from Cincinnati, these partiers gathered at a symposium to commemorate a troika of American institutions: the land-grant university, the National Academy of Sciences and the Carnegie libraries. The celebration was marked by a keen awareness that libraries have been vital engines of America’s social mobility from their earliest days. Vartan Gregorian, President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York and former New York Public Library president who raised a $327 million to revive the institution in the 1980s, led an afternoon panel discussing libraries’ foundational importance to a democratic America. Gregorian’s central point: the Library of Congress is and must continue to be the “guardian not only of our nation’s memory but of humanity’s.”

via TIME

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