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BPL: The Ultimate Search Engine

AdWeek – “Though libraries may increasingly become relics in the Google-driven Web 2.0 era, Allen & Gerritsen positions the Boston Public Library system as the ultimate search engine and portrays its librarians as “heroes of information” in a new campaign.”

Great poster if you follow the link.

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Library Mini Golf

The Centered Librarian  – “One of the more innovative methods of fund raising for libraries is Library Mini Golf!”

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Makeover @ the Library:

The Last Librarian – “And public libraries don’t just need a brush-up, we need the works. From interpersonal communication to public relations, libraries need to make a renewed effort to sell our services. I refuse to be the yard sale of information services. Make them laugh, make them smile, make them leave saying “wow!”

Not just public libraries.  All types oflibraries.

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Library scofflaw: ‘They were good books’

MSNBC.com – "Pay your library fines — or you could wind up like Heidi Dalibor"

Don’t you just love this great PR for public libraries.  Oy!

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More on Late Fees

Tongue in Cheek blog post? – “Good for those librarians, teaching people not to take them for granted! They put up with so much between the loud-talkers and the book vandals, they should play hardball.”

This story really is taking off. It could be good PR if spun the right way. Kami, David, how should we spin it?

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PR Hacks

Shel Israel has had enough.

Me too. I get pitched all the time by people who have no idea who I am nor what I do. It’s embarrassing for all of us. (via)

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743 PR Feeds

Pretty substantial number, although I think the librar* community has more. Walt?

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More on the AALL “Selling Law Librarianship” Article

James Mullan – “Firstly I wouldn’t trust the person on the front cover to sell me anything, then there are some of the suggestions for building a set of skills for making you more effective. Some of these are very good (I’ll come on to these later) but some are just bizzare and I’d love to see a Law Librarian do them”

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