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Burst pipe floods library, observant man helps save documents

“Books, computers and DVDs at the Woodbury Public Library were ruined by a flood of water, and now, crews are trying to clean up after a pipe burst this weekend. All the damage occurred sometime after director Pat Lunn closed up the library at 5 p.m. on Saturday. She said she received a phone call on Sunday. “The electricity was off, there was water running everywhere,” Lunn said. A 33-year-old pipe burst and sent water into the reference collection, where it damaged books and other items. The water even got into the elevator; however, the historic document collection was unharmed, Lunn said.” (via WFSB 3 Connecticut)

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Library no longer throws book at snoozers

Chicago Tribune – “Fall asleep in the Chicago Public Library, someone will nudge you awake. Do it again, they’ll show you the door. But drift off in Lombard’s cozy library and you can slumber in peace. “The library is a good place to at least catch up on the sleep you missed out on the night before,” said Tammy Selio as she sat in the west suburban library on a recent Tuesday, a black suitcase filled with her belongings at her side. Selio, 40, and other homeless patrons often gather there in the hours before a nearby shelter opens at 7 p.m. Sometimes their eyes grow heavy — especially as the days turn gloomy and colder and a comfortable library chair beckons.”

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