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Breaking Out of the Library Mold, in Boston and Beyond

“An old joke about libraries goes like this: A boy walks into a
library and asks for a burger and fries. “Young man!” the startled librarian reprimands. “You are in a library.” So the boy repeats his order, only this time, he whispers. So much has changed in libraries in recent years that such a scene may not be so far-fetched. Many libraries have become bustling community centers where talking out loud and even eating are perfectly acceptable.” (NYTimes.com)

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Public libraries get online access to research journals

“Hundreds of thousands of research journal articles are to be made available on computers in public libraries. The Access to Research initiative will give the public access to articles on health, biological research, engineering and social sciences for the first time More than 8,000 journals from around the world are included. It is hoped this will encourage more people to use public libraries. The Publishing Licensing Society (PLS) is behind the scheme.” (via BBC)

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Public libraries seek to rebrand

“In a sign of the times, the Willingboro Public Library is trying to reinvent itself with a fresh slogan and logo to make it more relevant. “You have to keep up with all of the trends,” said library director Christine King. “We want to dispel the notion that we all do is dispense books.” In seeking to rebrand itself, the library has embarked on an ambitious mission to change its image as a community center where visitors can attend workshops, take an exercise class, or see an art exhibit. “We want people to know that you can get information, but you can also get information that can change your life,” King said in a recent interview.” (via Philly.com)

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Indy library is drawing road map to its future

“At a time when the existence of public libraries has been questioned, a strong chorus of voices, supported by local and national research, has demonstrated that libraries do matter. They matter in a way that reveals the central role modern libraries play in a digital age. Findings by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation show that a public library’s role as a technology resource and training center has exploded over the past decade. Free access to computers provides a lifeline for those in need to apply for jobs, secure government services and connect with the world community. As an extension of the education system, the public ­library has become a valued partner in enhancing literacy, not only in the traditional sense of reading and comprehension, but in developing cultural, media, financial and civic literacy among citizens.” (via Indianapolis Star)

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Maine libraries write new chapter on lending

“So here’s the dilemma: You’ve been asked to bake a cake shaped like a dinosaur for a child’s birthday, but you’re hesitant to spend money on a pan you’ll use only once.What to do? If you live in New Gloucester, the answer is easy. Go to the New Gloucester Public Library and simply check the pan out, just like you would a book or DVD. And while you’re there, peruse the other 46 specialty cake pans the library has in its collection, including Dora the Explorer and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.” (via The Portland Press Herald)

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