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Libraries can be a health lifeline for people most at risk

“Public libraries can provide vital support for people at high risk for health problems such as new immigrants and people dealing with homelessness, mental illness and substance use, say U.S. researchers.Their analysis of Philadelphia libraries and how communities use them concludes that libraries can offer specific programs that directly and indirectly improve health, such as classes to improve skills or literacy. Librarians can also act as support figures, connecting people with resources for basic needs like housing.” (via Reuters)

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Libraries in the age of inequality

“Trying to predict the future of anything — let alone public libraries — is a tricky task. But unequivocally we can say this: Libraries are not about to become purely digital endeavors. The notion that e-books will completely replace physical books is tired.So rather than dwelling on that topic, which has become a favorite pastime of armchair futurists, let’s focus on the people affected by libraries instead of the collections contained within them. Whether individuals prefer paperbacks or reading on a mobile device is trivial compared to the fact that American society is becoming highly unequal. The trend suggests a Dickensian future — albeit one filled with smartphones. The real question is: How will the mission of public libraries evolve in a world filled with such gross inequality?” (via Houston Chronicle)

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‘Amazing, spectacular, awesome’ new Havre de Grace Library opens to raves

“Denise Sconion has worked for many years at the Havre de Grace Library and what she sees in her new workplace had her beaming with pride Wednesday morning. “This is amazing,” Sconion said as library patrons gathered in front of the circulation desk after the new Havre de Grace Library formally opened. “I’m very proud of this building,” Sconion, who celebrated her 40th year with the library in 2015, said. “I’ve seen a lot of changes.” (via Baltimore Sun)

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Is your local library a bestseller? — Mass. circulation rates tell an interesting tale

“In terms of circulation, some Massachusetts libraries are bestsellers. For others, it’s a totally different story. Data from the state Board of Library Commissioners show that certain communities see their library materials checked out far more frequently than others — in some cases, a startling 100 times more. The following map suggests that some of the busiest libraries in the state are on Cape Cod and the islands, in a cluster of affluent suburbs west of Boston, and in a few smaller communities in western Massachusetts.” (via The Boston Globe)

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“Fewer Americans are visiting libraries – which means they’re missing out on the changes at such institutions, according to results of a Pew Research Center survey released Thursday at the Public Library Association’s annual conference in Denver.Pew has been asking American adults whether they visited a library in the past year. The first time, in 2012, 53 percent said yes. That has dropped steadily, to 44 percent last year.” (via The Associated Press)


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