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Coalition urges better laws for e-mail and cell phone privacy

BetaNews – “Information stored on remote computers should be given the same legal protections as data stored on a user’s desktop PC, according to report produced by more than 20 activist and human rights groups.”

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Online Age Verification for Children Brings Privacy Worries

NYTimes.com – “WHEN it comes to protecting children on the Internet and keeping them safe from predators, law enforcement officials have vocally advocated one approach in particular. They want popular sites, like the social network MySpace, to confirm the identities and ages of minors and then allow the young Web surfers to talk only with other children, or with adults approved by parents.”

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ISPs: We Swear, We Won’t Watch Your Every Move

Channel Web – “Responding to increasing Internet privacy concerns, AT&T (NYSE:T), Verizon (NYSE:VZ) and Time Warner (NYSE:TWX), the country’s largest ISPs, told a Senate committee during a hearing Thursday that they don’t engage in online consumer tracking and want to self-regulate such practices in the future.”

Read the prepared statements here.

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Google Being Sued Over Blogger’s Identity

Inquisitr – “An Indian construction company is trying to force Google to divulge the name of a blogger who wrote negative things about its business.”

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Web Firms Tell Congress They Track Behavior Without Consent

washingtonpost.com: – “Several Internet and broadband companies have acknowledged using targeted-advertising technology without explicitly informing customers, according to letters released yesterday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.”

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Web Privacy on the Radar in Congress -

NYT – “I’m pretty aware of the fact that anything you do on the Internet pretty much should just be considered public,” Mr. Martinez said. While he knows that companies are collecting his data and often tracking his online habits so they can show him more relevant ads, he said, he would like to see more transparency “about what the company intends to do with your data and your information.”

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Reporting live from a cellphone near you…

Los Angeles Times – “The startup allows video from cellphones to be streamed live on the Web. In the future, will any bad behavior may go unnoticed?”

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5,000 MTV Networks’ employees potential affected by breach

CNET – “Someone apparently hacked into a computer belong to an employee of MTV Networks and possibly gained access to names, birth dates, social security numbers and compensation data of 5,000 employees.”

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Bankrupt lenders throwing away your privacy

MSNBC – “Some mortgage companies tossing customers’ personal data in the trash”

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Internet forum headed for Boston

AP – “Internet users should be free to surf where they want and download what they please. But shouldn’t the owners of the networks that make the Internet possible also have rights?”

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