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Morning Stuff

Broadband on the LIRR (Thanks Ray!!) – Good

Getting through 9 hours of feeds in 1 hour – Great

Breathing in the beautiful fresh air – Incredible

Giving my kids breakfast and seeing their smiling faces – Priceless

I love prioritizing my life and am still content with my recent decisions to ditch my online networks for face to face time with my wife and kids. No Twitter, no IM. Just Google Reader and blogging. The funny thing is that I’ve been on such a roll with Library Stuff that I have had no time to miss the stuff I gave up. I’m also spending less time online when not at work.

Less time online, more blogging, more stuff to share. Who would have imagined.

On another note, I’m making my reservations for Internet Librarian tonight. Hey guys, the first round of drinks is on me!

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Summer Travels Continued

We went to the “East End” of Long Island today. As always, we stopped off on Montauk Highway for some good old hot corn on the cob. Yummy!


Eating Corn!

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