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FDR archive hits the Web

“A public database of 350,000 pages of archival documents and 2,000 historical photographs relating to the 32nd president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, can be accessed from any computer in a virtual research room dubbed “FRANKLIN,” which went live at 10 a.m. Wednesday, a spokesman for the library said. The database is a collaborative effort by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, the National Archives and Records Administration, Marist College, IBM and the Roosevelt Institute, library spokesman Cliff Laube said.” (via The Poughkeepsie Journal)

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Plainfield library archivists dig up personal letter from John Quincy Adams

“In case you were wondering, our sixth president really knew how to write a nice rejection letter. Taking up precisely a full page with neat, handwritten script, John Quincy Adams politely and eloquently declined an invitation to attend a Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society event in the late 1830s, citing his flagging health during a sweltering heat wave. No one might have ever known it, if not for Plainfield Public Library archivist Jeff Wassen — who said he knew the letter was part of the library’s huge collection of historic archives, but forgot about it to some degree before recently rediscovering it.” (via MyCentralJersey.com)

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National Archives and Government Printing Office Release Presidential Documents App

“The National Archives’ Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Printing Office today released a Presidential Documents free mobile Web application (app) on the President’s daily public activities.

The Presidential Documents app includes the President’s Executive orders, speeches, statements, communications to Congress and Federal Agencies, approved acts, nominations submitted to the Senate, White House announcements, and White House press releases. The app’s user-friendly search engine can be searched by date, category, subject, or location.”

via National Archives

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Held in Document Theft, “America’s Presidential Historian” Faces New Scrutiny

NYT – “Barry H. Landau, author and well-known presidential memorabilia collector, displayed his connections like pearls on a necklace. Photographs of him with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alec Baldwin and Martha Stewart adorn his Web site, adding celebrity credentials to the title he has given himself: “America’s presidential historian.”

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NY men charged in Md. presidential artifacts theft

AP – ” A published presidential historian was one of two men caught with millions of dollars in documents from the Maryland Historical Society, including some signed by President Abraham Lincoln, according to court documents. Baltimore police charged Barry Landau, 63, and Jason Savedoff, 24, both of New York City, on Saturday with theft of more than $100,000 and they were ordered held on Monday. The FBI is involved in the investigation under a federal statute that covers thefts from museums.”

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Papers shed light on Eisenhower’s farewell address

The Associated Press- “Newly discovered documents from a cabin owned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s speechwriter are shedding more light on the evolution of the former general’s historic farewell address nearly 50 years ago, and his fears that America’s burgeoning military prowess was driving its foreign policy.”

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JFK Library archives will go digital

Boston Globe – “Endeca Technologies Inc., a Cambridge-based search applications company, said that it has been selected by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation to “provide the software and technical assistance that will provide website users with a robust search engine experience when accessing the nation’s first online digitized presidential archives.”

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Washington’s papers moving to Mount Vernon library

Washington Post – “A collection of about 135,000 documents belonging to George Washington and studied at the University of Virginia for more than four decades will be making its way to the home of the nation’s first president as the centerpiece of a new library. Scholars at the Charlottesville school have sifted through more than half of the 90 volumes of papers, issuing two volumes each year. About 15 years from now when the volumes are complete, the papers will become part of what collaborators call the international headquarters for knowledge about America’s most well-known founding father.

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Nixon Library to release nearly 100,000 documents

AP – “The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is set to release nearly 100,000 documents from former President Richard Nixon’s presidency. Most of the documents to be released Friday are from the files of Democrat Daniel Moynihan, Nixon’s counselor for urban affairs from January 1969 to December 1970. Moynihan later served in the U.S. Senate.

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Lost in Time, Letters Capture American Grief for a President

NYT – “Dr. Seiler was one of more than a million people who wrote to Mrs. Kennedy in the months after her husband’s assassination in 1963. Many of the letters were destroyed — there were simply too many to keep — but thousands of others were stored at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, where they were rarely seen; even many of the writers forgot what they had said.”

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