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Clinton Library details upcoming release

“Long secret files about the pardon of billionaire Marc Rich, the death of White House attorney Vince Foster and former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s failed health care reform effort are set to emerge on Friday, the National Archives said Wednesday.” (via POLITICO.com)

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Chicagoans Divided on Using Tax Money to Attract Obama Library

“As President Barack Obama’s foundation reviews locations for his library and museum — Chicago is the unofficial frontrunner. But voters in his adopted hometown are divided over whether to use taxpayer dollars to help the Windy City secure and build the future tourist trap. The Chicago Tribune polled Chicagoans on the issue and found reactions split nearly down the middle, with 47 supporting the idea, 45 percent against it and 8 percent undecided. The divide was greater among black poll-takers (61 percent of whom were in favor) and whites surveyed (60 percent were in opposition). Younger voters were more supportive than older voters. Men broke even, 48-48, and women supported the tax question, 47-43.” (via NBC Chicago)

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Bill Clinton library plans 10th anniversary event

“The presidential library honoring Bill Clinton in Little Rock, Arkansas, is planning for a major event in November to honor its tenth anniversary, sources familiar with the planning said Thursday. The event is expected to fall on Nov. 14, according to emails circulating among potential attendees. That’s four days before the anniversary of the Nov. 18, 2004, unveiling. It was not immediately clear if the event would be limited to one day.” (via POLITICO.com)

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At Nixon library, tension over how to portray a disgraced president

“Nearly 40 years after President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace because of the Watergate scandal, the debate over how his legacy should be defined seems as vibrant as ever – at Nixon’s presidential library, at least. The Nixon library, which opened in 1990 in Yorba Linda, about 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles, has become the focus of a behind-the-scenes tussle over how the story of the only person to resign from the U.S. presidency should be told.” (via Reuters)

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Controversy erupts over $100 mil. for Obama library

“A move by Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan to muscle through a measure to appropriate $100 million from the cash-strapped state to help finance the construction of President Barack Obama’s presidential library and museum in Chicago is erupting into a controversy. The backlash is strong enough that a committee vote Madigan engineered last Thursday in Chicago to advance the $100 million plan to the House floor now will be retaken in Springfield on April 30.” (via Chicago Sun-Times)

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Foundation unveils vision for future Obama library

“Want your city, university or nonprofit group to be chosen to host President Barack Obama’s presidential library? Now’s the time to get started. The foundation that will develop and choose the site for Obama’s future library asked interested parties Thursday to submit their initial proposals. The ‘‘request for qualifications’’ offers the most detailed look to date at what the president and first lady Michelle Obama are seeking for what will be the permanent monument to their White House legacy.” (via AP)

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Obama’s Presidential Library Belongs in the Cloud

“Today’s patriotic controversy, appropriately enough given the holiday, concerns presidential libraries. Specifically, the location for the one that will be built for Barack Obama once he leaves office. Late last month, a foundation was created to oversee the whole enterprise; the hope is to select a home for the library by early 2015. “Our mission is to build a library that tells President Obama’s remarkable story in an interactive way that will inspire future generations to become involved in public service,” says Marty Nesbitt, an Obama pal and one of the appointed site diviners.” (via Bloomberg)

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“Barack Obama’s journey from community organizer to lawmaker to president was also a journey through several different Chicagos, from the city’s isolated and neglected Far South Side to its elite centers of political and social power. So it’s perhaps no surprise that the contest to host his presidential library has set off some classic Chicago infighting between activists in depressed neighborhoods and wealthy universities.” (via The Associated Press)

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JFK Library makes new batch of Ernest Hemingway Cuba documents available

“The material has never been seen outside of Cuba. It includes letters, passports, telegrams, household accounts, recipes, a notebook of hurricane observations, and, yes, even bar bills. The materials were digitized through the efforts of the US Finca Vigia Foundation under an agreement with the Cuban Council of National Heritage, JFK Library officials said.

It’s the second release of materials conserved by the Hemingway Museum in Cuba with technical support from the foundation, library officials said.” (via Boston.com)

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Bidding Starts Early For Site Of Obama’s Future Library

“President Obama doesn’t leave office until January of 2017, but already the competition has begun for the right to host his presidential library and museum. A new foundation has been set up to raise money and to begin the site selection process, and there are already bids in the works from Chicago, Honolulu and elsewhere.” (via NPR)

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