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Okla. library revises book-signing policy after Satanist asks to read from book

“City officials are making changes to public library policies after a man who describes himself as Satanist reserved space for a book signing. Adam Daniels, 36, founder of the Oklahoma City-based Church of Ahriman, made national news last year when he staged a “black Mass” at the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall.” (via Gazette.com)

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Windsor library changes weapons policy

“The Clearview Library District officially changed its rules Thursday, Sept. 25, to allow patrons to legally carry concealed guns in the library.The library board voted unanimously Thursday evening to update the district’s conduct policy to prohibit “open carrying of firearms and weapons; carrying a concealed firearm with a firearm without a concealed firearm permit.”The “Conduct in the Library” policy had stated that all weapons were banned from the library unless carried by law enforcement.” (via Coloradoan)

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Orland library to consider new Internet policy

“The Orland Park Public Library board is ready to appoint a new trustee and return to the debate about the library’s Internet policy at a special meeting of the Board of Library Trustees Wednesday evening. The library’s controversial Internet policy, which lets adults use library computers to access any legal materials, including pornography, came under fire when two patrons complained in October. Dozens of patrons debated whether Internet access should remain unfiltered at the library’s November board meeting.” (via chicagotribune.com)

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Downers Grove library considers looser Internet restrictions

“Downers Grove library officials are considering loosening Internet restrictions for children.Staff and trustees discussed adopting a new Internet use policy during its Oct. 23 meeting as part of the librarys strategic plan to improve web access for youngsters.Under the current policy, children under 14 cannot use the Internet on library computers unless their parents have specifically granted them access through their library cards. The policy only applies to library computers. Patrons using their own devices through the buildings Wi-Fi have no such restrictions.” (via chicagotribune.com)

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Library adopts policy on behavior, bills counties

“The Kilbourn Public Library Board of Trustees approved a public behavior policy and billing by the South Central Library System of four counties for $22,269 for use of the library at its monthly meeting May 9. The public behavior policy is to “preserve a reasonably quiet atmosphere where library patrons may use library services and materials without disturbance.” The policy provides that if someone is disturbing others and not responding to the needs of others, that person will be asked to leave and can be restricted from using the library.” (via Wisconsin Dells Events)

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Sioux City library trustees clarify policy on sleeping in libraries

Sioux City Journal – “A clarification of the rules of conduct in Sioux City’s public libraries makes it clear that sleeping is prohibited. During a regular review of the library’s policies Wednesday, the Library Board of Trustees clarified what the “inappropriate use of furniture and equipment” means. The board added an example that states “including sleeping or using tables as foot rests,” library Director Betsy Thompson said.”

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Homeless patrons prompt Bethlehem Area Public Library’s behavior policy

Express Times – “The Bethlehem Area Public Library is a place to take your kids to story hour, pick up your favorite book or search for jobs on the Internet. As of last month, it’s not a place to sleep, bathe or panhandle. The library revised its acceptable patron behavior policy to deal with the significant influx of homeless people who were spending their days at the library, Executive Director Janet Fricker said. While most of the 26 behavior rules are general — such as no eating, smoking or talking on cell phones — others seem to be directly targeted at the homeless, including rules that prohibit bringing in sleeping bags or having offensive bodily hygiene.

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