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Whatever Happened to … the gay penguins?

Washington Post – “The gay penguins that ruffled feathers in Loudoun County school libraries and became the darlings of gay rights advocates and intellectual freedom fighters everywhere have taken to the stage. A play that premiered in Fairfax this summer at the Hub Theatre is based on a controversial children’s book about Roy and Silo, the real-life male penguins who hatched and raised a chick together at the Central Park Zoo. The play chronicles their family life, their rise to stardom and, as one character describes it, “the bird-brained behavior they caused.”

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‘Sexy Librarian’ Clever table of contents, but the binding is loose

Pioneer Press – “Joseph Scrimshaw is the P.T. Barnum of the Twin Cities theater community. The writer/actor/producer has an indisputable talent, a nose for popular culture, and a keen enough marketing sense to know that, if you give your new show a title like “Sexy Librarian,” it’s gonna sell some tickets.

But like Barnum, who famously directed gullible audiences to see the great Egress, Scrimshaw sometimes promises more than he plans on delivering.

“Sexy Librarian” is a sort-of retelling of the Jekyll and Hyde story crossed with a “to thine own self be true” theme and then sprinkled with literary themes and drizzled with rock music. Actress Anna Sundberg equips our heroine Constance Black with all the typical accoutrements of a mouse of the stacks: glasses, hunched posture, tweedy clothes, adenoidal voice.”

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