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Book Report – A dispatch from the 2012 Public Library Association conference

The Smart Set – “Libraries are in crisis. Right? I mean, that is all we hear. All around the nation, budgets are being slashed, hours shortened, librarians laid off. And on top of that we have e-books… doing something. God dammit, e-books. You are always ruining everything. What is the future of the library, in a world of the financial crisis, where all inessential services are being slashed in city budgets — inessential services ranging from health care for the poor to libraries to a large chunk of Camden, New Jersey’s police force — in ineffective austerity measures? My infallible editor sent me to the 2012 Public Library Association conference in Philadelphia to find out.”

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“Don’t try to strongarm us — we’re the library!”

PLA Blog – “The title of this post is definitely the line of the conference so far, and it came from the mouth of Queens Library (NY) marketing director James Keller, while he was giving his presentation on branding.”

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PLA Blog Is Going Strong

Andrea and the crew are at it again for PLA 2008!

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Paula Poundstone to Keynote Closing Session at PLA 2008

Great closing keynote. PLA always gets the best speakers.

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PLA Blogging Is On

Michael Golrick is blogging for PLA. The PLA Blog will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Props to PLA

ALA Press Release – “PLA 2008, the 12th National Conference of the Public Library Association (PLA), will feature online access to all handouts at www.placonference.org before, during and after the conference, allowing attendees to download or print out only the handouts they need, significantly reducing the amount of wasted paper”

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