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Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol falls into the hands of pirates

Guardian – “Pirated copies of Dan Brown’s new Robert Langdon thriller The Lost Symbol have started appearing across the internet only a day after the book was published. The book’s UK publisher Transworld said it was aware of the transgressions and was taking action to have the illegal downloads removed. “It is available on a number of pirate sites,” said associate publicity director Alison Barrow, who added that the publisher was asking websites to take down digital copies of the book. “We are not being complacent about this,” she said. “It’s only the US version so far.”

More discussion over at Fark

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With E-Readers Comes Wider Piracy of Books

NYTimes.com – “Ursula K. Le Guin, the science fiction writer, was perusing the Web site Scribd last month when she came across digital copies of some books that seemed quite familiar to her. No wonder. She wrote them, including a free-for-the-taking copy of one of her most enduring novels, “The Left Hand of Darkness.”

See also, “I’ve been Pirated”, by Michael Sauers

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READ a Book, Mateys.

This will go over well at my lunch with Lexis today. Heh.

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