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The Web’s Premier Free Photo Library Opens Up Its Vaults

“IF YOU’RE BUILDING an app or website and you need a photo of a pineapple, a beach in Okinawa, a young woman wearing sunglasses, or a monk feeding a tiger, check out Unsplash. The vast online repository features 200,000 high-resolution images, every one of them free to download and use however you like. Create an ad, illustrate a Medium post, assemble your next album cover, whatever.” (via WIRED)

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Franklin Park library hopes photos will prevent unknown card use

“Starting in 2015, patrons of the Franklin Park Library will need to have their photos taken when renewing their library cards. The library aims to snap shots of all its patrons for its records. The new policy is due to some patrons using library cards that are not their own. “Sometimes people check out materials on other people’s cards and don’t return them,” said Library Director Marie Saeli. “Other times it has to do with computer use. Someone will [look up] something inappropriate for a library. We will bar their privileges and then the real card owner comes and says, ‘Why can’t I get on the computer?’” (via Franklin Park Herald-Journal)

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Kyle Cassidy photographs librarians at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting

“When you think of a librarian, what image comes to mind? Photographer Kyle Cassidy ventured to the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia in January to explore that question. In between networking, educational events, and panels, librarians from across the country stopped by Cassidy’s makeshift studio to sit for a portrait. The result is a celebration of the diversity in the librarian community. “I realized I had a stereotype in my mind of what a librarian looked like, which is one of the reasons I wanted to do this project. Whenever I think something is true, I’m often wrong,” Cassidy said. “I tend to think of librarians as the ones I know from my public library and from school. But there are librarians who are researchers and archivists doing extraordinarily technical work. There are librarians who work in specialized fields who have to know about archaeology, for example, or medicine or research science. The field was broader than I had gone in there thinking.” (via Slate)

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New York City portrayed online in 870,000 images

Associated Press – “The city Department of Records officially announced the debut of the photo database Tuesday. A previously unpublicized link to the images has been live for about two weeks. Culled from the Municipal Archives collection of more than 2.2 million images going back to the mid-1800s, the photographs feature all manner of city oversight – from stately ports and bridges to grisly gangland killings. The project was four years in the making, part of the department’s mission to make city records accessible to everyone, said department assistant commissioner Kenneth Cobb.”

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Adobe Photoshop Express Puts the Power of Photoshop Online

Wired – “Photoshop Express, the long-awaited free online image editor from Photoshop maker Adobe, will be released as a public beta on Thursday. Unlike Adobe’s more powerful image editing tools for the desktop, Photoshop Express is aimed not at the professional photographer, but at the casual snapshot fan looking to polish up images before sharing them online at sites like Photobucket, Facebook and Flickr.”

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