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Pittsburgh library displaying art from inmates

“Last February, Mary Carey received a letter at her job in Braddock’s Carnegie Library from a man serving a life sentence at the State Correctional Institution in LaBelle, Fayette County. He proposed organizing an exhibit of his fellow prisoners’ artwork as a contribution to the library’s art lending program. In his letter, Richard Guy, previously of Wilkinsburg, mentioned that he had read about the program and “mentioned it to a couple of my fellow inmates who are very good artists. My idea is to give these guys an avenue of creativity and to help the library out.” (via LancasterOnline)

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Public libraries a dying service?

“It’s about books, not bookkeeping – or at least it used to be. “That’s not part of what you learned about when you went to school to be a librarian years ago,” said Sue Erdman, Executive Director at the Joseph T. Simpson Library in Mechanicsburg. In many ways, Erdman has become a full-time fund raiser, the library itself is responsible for 26 percent of their own budget.

“It was just like, well you wont get your second payment this year, and that was it,” said Joy Hamsher, director of the New Cumberland Public Library.” (via WHTM Harrisburg, Pa.)

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Pennsylvania libraries feeling pressures of continued funding cuts

“Pennsylvania’s public libraries endured the pain of the funding ax in recent years, cutting back on staff, services, new book purchases and hours of operation. In Washington County, the situation is about to become more dire — one community’s library might have to close altogether. Citizens and Chartiers-Houston libraries, two Washington County libraries that rely on school districts for a portion of their funding, learned in recent weeks that the districts — Trinity Area and Chartiers-Houston — will eliminate their appropriations to the libraries due to budget constraints. The news comes in a year when the state public library subsidy, a portion of the education budget, has fallen to $53.5 million from $75.1 million in 2008-09.” (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

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School libraries are still about teaching students ‘to use information efficiently and ethically’

“When Sue Reinaman became Northern High School librarian 18 years ago, there were CD-ROMs and a card catalog in drawers, with the beginning of digital resources.


Today, her library has seven online databases, with the budget shifting toward buying more digital resources, including e-books. Still, she said the emphasis is the same. “It’s always been about teaching them how to find and use information efficiently and ethically,” Reinaman said, except in a different format.”

via PennLive.com

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