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Calif library book returned – 74 years overdue

Sacramento Bee- “A Sacramento woman is proving that it’s never too late to make things right. Ninety-five-year-old Hazel Severson says a friend found a book that her late husband had borrowed from an Amador County library in 1936 while sorting through things for a garage sale.”

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Decades after deadline, relative of books borrower ready to turn it back in to Lancaster library

Dallas Morning News – “The book has been a part of the old mans family longer than he has – since 1937, when his mother or dad checked it out from the Lancaster public library and never took it back.”

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Cops: Ex-Randolph, NJ, man failed to return $2,500 in books, DVDs to library

Daily Record – “An arrest warrant has been issued for a man now believed to be living in his native Taiwan for failing to return or pay for $2,499 worth of DVDs, videocassettes and music books he borrowed in 2008 from the Randolph Township Public Library. Five weeks ago, Randolph Patrolman Daniel Novoa spoke to the library director, who reported that Hsian Kao signed out DVDs, VHS cassettes and musical instruction books on April 29, May 3, and May 12, 2008. The $2,499 value of the books does not include late fees.”

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New and Creative Leniency for Overdue Library Books

NYT – “Since the beginning of the economic downturn, librarians across the country have speculated that fines for overdue items are keeping people from using the library — particularly large families whose children take out (and forget to return) many books at a time. Some libraries learned that the fines, which are often as low as 25 cents an item per day, quickly multiplied for many people and were becoming an added hardship.”

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Libraries on the book case for overdue fines

Boston Herald – “The value of the materials is fairly high. We need to replace them,” said Martha Holden, director of the Peabody Institute Library, which has sent the law after a trio of overdue culprits. The Peabody library filed criminal complaints against 19-year-old Alyssa Toste and 23-year-old Jeramie Crane on Dec. 15. Despite repeated notices, both Toste and Crane failed to return more than $500 worth of overdue books, DVDs, music CDs, books on tape and other items, Holden said.”

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Book 99 years overdue returned to Mass. library

AP – “The book returned to the New Bedford Public Library in Massachusetts this week wasn’t overdue by a week, a month or even a year. It was nearly a century overdue, and the fine came to $361.35. “Facts I Ought to Know about the Government of My Country” was supposed to have been returned by May 10, 1910.”

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Overdue Library Books Returned Half Century Later

KPHO – “Camelback High School librarian Georgette Bordine says the two Audubon Society books checked out in 1959 and the money order were sent by someone who wanted to remain anonymous.”

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Arrest warrant issued for mother charged with overdue library book

KENS5 – “If only she had returned that library book to the Killeen Public Library, this would not be an issue. “I was floored,” Rogers said. “I couldn't believe a warrant for a library book.” During an ugly divorce, Rogers and her 5-month-old son left Killeen and headed south to San Antonio, leaving behind a rocky relationship and a library book.”

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Library tracks down missing materials

SMAP – “The days of duping the librarian without consequence are over. Most people who have ever checked out a library book have had to deal with some sort of overdue penalty at least once in their lives, but very few have had the pleasure of dealing with Unique Management Services, Inc., a collection agency, representing the Santa Monica Library, geared specifically toward the reacquisition of library materials.”

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Chicago library doubling its late fee

Chicago Tribune – “Take that, Amazon.com. Another dime for an overdue book? Fine.”

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