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As U.S. Libraries Are Outsourced, Readers See Public Trust Erode

A Maryland company that runs public libraries has more than doubled in size in the past decade as governments seek savings. Bibliophile residents complain that an investment in knowledge and culture is being milked for profit. Library Systems & Services LLC is running into opposition as it seeks to add the 24 libraries in Kern County, California, to its portfolio of 82 in six states, allowing the county to shed a unionized workforce of 118. The county north of Los Angeles would be the largest addition for LSSI since the firm, which is owned by Wayne, Pennsylvania-based Argosy Capital Group Inc., got into the book business in 1997.” (via Bloomberg)

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Brown signs bill restricting library privatization

AP – “Under a bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, private companies would be required to prove that they would save taxpayers money should they take over a public library. AB438 by Democratic Assemblyman Das Williams of Santa Barbara is designed to restrict the privatization of public libraries. Williams has said that some public libraries have decided to let private, for-profit companies run the libraries and the new library service providers often impose new fees on taxpayers while diminishing the quality of library services.”

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Outsourcing public libraries gets more review in sagging economy

dallasnews.com – “Outsourcing the Manske Library operation has produced an outpouring of emotion. One resident calls the issue "the third rail of Farmers Branch politics."The citys reviewing two proposals: one to keep it under its administration and another from Library Systems & Services LCC, a Germantown, MD.-based firm that runs 13 library systems in the nation, or 63 facilities.”

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More on Outsourcing Public Libraries

David Bollier – “There may be no more eloquent statement about the erosion of our civic connectedness than the news that public libraries around the country are starting to outsource their daily operations.”

Josh Neff should like this piece.

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