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Letter: Libraries vs. Libertarianism

Voice of San Diego – “Reader Alan Hemphill wrote a self-described screed called “The Museum Once Called a Library.” His argument was simple and based on the libertarian belief that government should not fund services people can buy for themselves. It went like this: There is no longer a need for libraries because books are now available in digital form online. The people who need the information normally found in libraries can buy it for themselves online. Ergo: Taxpayers should no longer fund the operation of libraries.”

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Kindle vs. books: The dead trees society

LAT Opinion – “Kindles are convenient, but they just aren’t as good as books.”

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Don’t close the book on libraries!

Brad Meltzer – “My grandmother recently passed away, and when it came time to write her eulogy, my sister and I spoke about dozens of different memories. But there was one memory that was so vivid to both of us: When my grandmother took us to get our first library cards. We both had an almost silly pride in those cards. Back then, we didn’t have money, but those cards gave us books, which served as passports to a better life.

In my Brooklyn Public Library, my life was changed. Enlarged. Yes, I can now say it helped me become an author. But what was far more important was that it helped expand the way I viewed the world. There were suddenly places to go, adventures to be had.”

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Unpublished Doesn’t Mean Bad Law

Michael Doyle – “The 19-year-old restaurant worker is suing the California Supreme Court to reverse its practice of largely ignoring unpublished court opinions. In California, these opinions disposing of routine cases can’t be cited as precedent. They also become difficult to appeal.” (via)

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What Others Think Of Libraries

Andrea Drusch – “A library is a place where you have to be quiet. All the time. You can’t have things like gum or water or anything made of metal on your person in order to enter. While the setting is clearly not inviting to anyone under 60, chances are it’s the largest room in your child’s school. If this is going to continue, libraries need to make changes to stay relevant to the needs of 21st-century students.”

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