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UMass students, librarians want more faculty to use open source textbooks to save students money

“About 65 percent of college students don’t buy textbooks because of cost, said Matt Magalhaes, the affordable textbook campaign coordinator for MassPirg at the University of Massachusetts. Textbooks can cost students $1,200 a year. He and other students and librarians at the university are hoping that students will pressure their professors to adopt open source textbooks.” (via masslive.com)

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At its best, is open source unbeatable?

CNET – “When an open-source project is working optimally, can proprietary-software companies hope to compete? Greg Kroah-Hartman, a prominent Linux kernel developer and Novell fellow, suggests that the answer is no. Speaking to the How Software Is Built blog, Kroah-Hartman makes the case that the pace of Linux development leaves competition in the dust”

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Universities launch Open Library Environment as Kuali Foundation Project

IU Press Release – “The Kuali Foundation, Inc., is pleased to announce that a group of leading academic research libraries is partnering in the Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) (pronounced Oh-LAY) project to develop software created specifically for the complex business management and workflow operations of academic and research libraries.”

More on OLE here

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ByWater Solutions Welcomes Nicole C. Engard as Director of Open Source Education

Press Release – “Nicole stated about her new position; “I have always had a passion for teaching librarians and for open source software. This role with ByWater lets me combine my passions on a day to day basis. I am excited that I will get to not only continue to work with the Koha community, but be introduced to the Evergreen community as well, all the while teaching librarians about the benefits of open source software.”

Congrats Nicole!!

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Obama Aide Looks to Open Source Government

InternetNews – “The dream of an effective and open e-government, a great hope of the Obama administration, rides on the ability of government officials to emulate the Web 2.0 model in the private sector, where some of the biggest success stories have been built through a decentralized, crowd-sourced model, a White House official said today.”

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Today is Document Freedom Day

Google Blog – “More than 200 teams in 60 countries are spending today raising awareness about document freedom by hosting speakers, events, and literally raising the DFD flag. Through such activities, these teams are committed to spreading the word about the importance of open documents and the workable open standards that ensure your access to your documents now and in the future.”

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Open Minds, Open Books, Open Source

Library Stories points to an article from Inside Higher Ed.

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