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The Web’s Premier Free Photo Library Opens Up Its Vaults

“IF YOU’RE BUILDING an app or website and you need a photo of a pineapple, a beach in Okinawa, a young woman wearing sunglasses, or a monk feeding a tiger, check out Unsplash. The vast online repository features 200,000 high-resolution images, every one of them free to download and use however you like. Create an ad, illustrate a Medium post, assemble your next album cover, whatever.” (via WIRED)

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Online academic material has costs too

“The students in the group were smart. They were well dressed and educated, all had laptops, several had expensive smartphones, and yet none of them really expected to pay much, if anything at all, for textbooks or academic materials. I met the students a few weeks ago as part of a focus group looking at digital textbooks. The topic strayed – as it increasingly does – into a debate surrounding the cost of materials. “I’ve never paid for anything educational online,” explained one student, “even though the journals want me to pay.”

via Guardian

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Can an Online Bookstore Be a Community Bookstore?

Big Think – “Is the frequently drawn distinction between online bookstores (efficient, convenient, innovative) and traditional bookstores (old-fashioned, communal, curated) a false one? This fall, Molly Gaudry and her fellow staff at The Lit Pub are trying to prove that it is. Billing itself as “an online bookstore that hand-picks and recommends books,” The Lit Pub was founded earlier this year and has recently relaunched with an effusion of bookish joy. (“From our hearts to yours!”) The site features staff-written reviews of select books and literary magazines, as well as a prominently displayed honor roll of publishers whose books it offers. Since many of these publishers are themselves small independent outfits, there’s a strong spirit of mutual support at work in the enterprise. A detailed explanation of the Pub’s business model is available on their FAQ page.”

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