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Easier access to Omaha library patrons’ info unconstitutional, ACLU tells board

“A proposal to give law enforcement easier access to library patrons’ information is unconstitutional, the American Civil Liberties Union contended Wednesday.The ACLU of Nebraska weighed in a week before the Omaha Public Library Board is scheduled to vote on such a proposal, requested by the Mayor’s Office.Currently, a law enforcement officer must obtain a warrant or a subpoena to access personal information from an Omaha library card.” (via Omaha.com)

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Mayor’s Office proposes letting police check out library patron information

“The Omaha Mayor’s Office would like law enforcement officials to be able to access personal information from Omahans’ library cards in emergencies, setting off a debate over patrons’ privacy. Mayor Jean Stothert’s chief of staff, Marty Bilek, appeared before the Omaha Public Library’s board Thursday to ask for a change in the library’s policy. The request stemmed from an incident in which Metropolitan Community College police spent hours trying to identify a belli­gerent, drunk man at the South Omaha Library.” (via Omaha.com)

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Mayor Stothert has her own read on running city libraries

“When Mayor Jean Stothert took office, she vowed to grab hold of the city’s budget and cut down on unnecessary spending. Now the Omaha Public Library system has drawn the mayor’s scrutiny. When deciding on the city budget for 2015, the mayor and library supporters sparred over Stothert’s proposal. Eventually the City Council sided with the libraries and increased materials spending.” (via Omaha.com)

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Omaha City Council likely to restore some funds for libraries, but other budget vetoes expected to stand\

“Omaha City Council members say they’re worried about long waiting lists for new books at Omaha libraries, and they’re not inclined to cut funding and risk even longer wait times. Councilman Chris Jerram said he expects the council to override a mayoral budget veto and restore $175,000 for new materials at the library in 2015. Councilman Rich Pahls, who had provided the crucial fifth vote for the library funding, said he will vote for an override on Tuesday.” (via Omaha.com)

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Omaha’s proposed budget would cut funding for libraries

“If you’ve been patiently waiting for a library copy of a best-seller like “The Fault in Our Stars,” the City of Omaha’s proposed budget for next year might come with some bad news. The plan headed to the City Council for a public hearing Tuesday comes with a cut for the city’s libraries; the department’s $13.1 million budget is down about 5 percent from last year. To avoid cutting staff or library hours, officials have plans to reduce the library’s materials budget — which means fewer opportunities to buy new books, e-books, DVDs and other materials, and longer wait times for some of the most popular titles.” (via Omaha.com)

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