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Inside the New York Public Library’s Last, Secret Apartments

“There used to be parties in the apartments on the top floors of New York City’s branch libraries. On other nights, when the libraries were closed, the kids who lived there might sit reading alone among the books or roll around on the wooden library carts—if they weren’t dusting the shelves or shoveling coal. Their hopscotch courts were on the roof. A cat might sneak down the stairs to investigate the library patrons.” (via Atlas Obscura)

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New York Public Library Digitizes 137 Years of New York City Directories

“New York Public Library is digitizing its collection of New York City Directories, 1786 through 1922/3, serving them free through the NYPL Digital Collections portal. The first batch—1849/50 through 1923—have already been scanned, and the 1786–1848/9 directories are right now being scanned. The whole collection will be going online over the coming months. Staff at NYPL are currently teaching computers to read the wobbly typeset, to interpret the strange abbreviations, and the occasionally slightly less than geometric layout of the directories to make the old print text machine readable. The goal is to make the directories text searchable in powerful new ways, in order to build datasets that will inform research in New York City history, genealogy, and beyond. More technical posts on this work will follow.”(via The New York Public Library)

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Images of Every Public Library Branch in New York City

“Elizabeth Felicella’s photographs of New York’s public libraries are empty of people, but full of traces of them. She captures ghosts of letters and fingerprints on chalkboards, and doodles at the base of pencil sharpeners. Paper-wrapped book spines wait for patrons to collect them. There are folded newspapers, squiggles of electronics cords, and chairs pushed back from desks.Felicella, an architectural photographer, spent five years documenting all of New York’s 210 public library branches. The images are now collected in an exhibition, “Reading Room: A Catalog of New York City’s Branch Libraries,” on view at the Center for Architecture.” (via CityLab)

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New York Public Library for the Performing Arts Acquires Its First Hip-Hop Archive

“The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts houses the archives of dance titans like Merce Cunningham, Jerome Robbins and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Now it will also be a home to the history of hip-hop dance. The library has acquired the archive of Michael Holman, a hip-hop polymath who since the late 1970s has been a downtown dance impresario, filmmaker and journalist, as well as a musician and choreographer. This acquisition will become the library’s first hip-hop collection.” (via New York Times)

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New York Public Library Rooms to Reopen After Ceiling Repairs

“The New York Public Library’s Rose Main Reading Room and the adjacent Bill Blass Public Catalog Room will reopen to the public next month after a $12 million project to restore and repair their ceilings.Both historic spaces have been shut since May 2014, when an ornamental plaster rosette fell from the 52-foot-tall ceiling of the reading room, which is considered a jewel of the library’s flagship building on Fifth Avenue.” (via WSJ)

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