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Libraries fear ‘ravenous’ NSA

“The nation’s libraries are backing legislation that would curb the powers of the National Security Agency. Revelations about NSA surveillance have created a “climate of concern” for libraries, which are seeking to defend the freedom to read and research away from the government’s prying eyes. “You need to have some freedom to learn about what you think is important without worrying about whether it ends up in some FBI file,” said Alan Inouye, director of the Office for Information Technology Policy at the American Library Association (ALA).” (via TheHill)

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NSA TV Clip Library

“Recent revelations of the extent of National Security Agency surveillance and weakening of our digital infrastructure give substance to the warnings of Senator Wyden and others. To assist journalists and other concerned citizens in reflecting on these issues, the Internet Archive has created a curated library of short television news clips presenting key statements and other representations.” (via Internet Archive Blogs)

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