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A Year’s Worth Of Facts From An NPR Librarian

“The people who host NPR programs are often credited with — or accused of — being knowledgeable. But really, the most important bit of knowledge they have is just a four digit extension that connects to Kee Malesky in the NPR Reference Library. If you want the names and contact numbers for every left-handed plumber in Kuala Lumpur, she’ll fix you up. She’s the longest-serving member of a stellar company of reference librarians who check, double-check and mine miles of information, urban legend and spin for cold, hard, glittering facts.”

via WSIU

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State Library Helps Residents Avoid News Archive Pay Walls

NPR – “The state of Tennessee is helping residents avoid paying for old newspaper articles. The state library has started keeping five years of archived stories available for free online. The state didn’t strike agreements with the four largest daily papers. In fact, some of them, including The Tennessean, didn’t know their archives were going to be opened up. The paper typically charges a fee for online access to stories more than a few weeks old.”

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